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Pepe continues to be a popular addition ever since his first appearance in Warlords of Draenor. He’s been the object of several achievements, toys and fun costumes to date. There’s even a plushie if you like that kind of thing. Here are all the places you can find him in-game.

Pepe visits the Garrison

For Horde:

  • Level 1: In the tree to the east of your Garrison behind the fortification (outside the wall).
  • Level 2: Large tree behind the flightpath and to the left (looking towards hall) of your town hall.
  • Level 3: In a tree, directly outside your Town Hall (see image).

For Alliance:

  • Level 1: In the tree to the left of the tent (looking towards tent) with your command table in it.
  • Level 2: In the tree directly behind the flight path.
  • Level 3: In the tree between Large Plot 1 and Medium Plot 2 (two northernmost large and medium buildings to the right of your Town Hall if you are looking at it).

Clicking Pepe gives you a buff which allows him to sit on your head for one hour.


What A Strange, Interdimensional Trip It’s Been – Defeat a combination of 28 Draenor dungeon, raid and world bosses accompanied by Pepe without dying. Rewards the Trans-Dimensional Bird Whistle. If you enjoy fishing, there’s also the Crate of Bobbers. you can fish up from Legion zones.


I Found Pepe

see my other post to collect his Ninja, Viking, Pirate and Knight costumes.

Tangarine Traveller

Traveller Pepe can appear in several locations around Dalaran (Legion):

  • sitting on the well outside the BS shop
  • on the stairs leading into the JC shop
  • on the corner bench inside the ENG shop
  • behind the counter inside Dalaran Center
  • near the flower vendor
  • inside the First Aid Shop
  • on top of a barrel inside The Legerdemain Lodge (behind Arille Azuregaze)
  • on top of the metal spiky fence at the pet cemetery
  • inside The Violet Gate, room on the right, sitting on a barrel
  • on the balcony of the Curiosities & Moore shop
  • upstairs rail in Legendary Leathers
  • right outside Magical Menagerie next to Mei Francis
  • inside The Hunter’s Reach
  • in the shelves in the back of The Agronomical Apothecary

Demon Hunter Pepe

In Legion, Demon Hunters can purchase an adorable Tiny Set of Warglaives from Falara Nightsong in the Demon Hunter class hall for 1,000 Order Resources once you’ve completed the achievement Power Ascended.

Image: Perculia

A Frightening Friend

You can find Pepe by the outhouse in your level 3 Horde garrison or Alliance graveyard but only during the Hallow’s End event.

In Battle for Azeroth, three costumes were added – one for Horde, one for Alliance and the third in the alternate version of Mechagon.

  • Tiny Voodoo Mask (see video)
  • Tiny Diving Helmet (see video)
  • A Tiny Clockwork Key (see video)

Greatfather Winter

A Tiny Winter Hat brings festive Greatfather Pepe to Winter Veil (see video) but he won’t be available to collect before 2020.

Are you a Pepe fan? Which costume is your favourite? Personally, I’d like to see this one.

Thx for creating him Jordan. :D

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