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A disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting pets, achievements, silver dragons and mounts. Other hobbies include transmog and novelty itemscommission - watermark

As an avid pet collector, I remember buying all the vendor pets in vanilla, not to mention a hunter as my first main class. Then with the introduction of Pet Battles, my collection almost surpassed 400 as pets went account-wide. I strive to have every pet possible and rare thanks to battle-stones.

After writing my first Blog Azeroth piece in the journal of our guild site, I missed the interactive experience with other bloggers in the WoW community so in December 2011, I created a WordPress blog. Over time, I’ve transferred a lot of posts and journal entries for consistency and easy reference.

These days I’m always on the lookout for hidden and interesting places in-game so if you find any cool, secret or unusual places in WoW, please let me know as I’d love to write about it.

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Media and Milestones


Featured for the Twisted Nether welcome post.


Twisted Nether Blogcast
Episode 163 – live interview inc. my follow-up post.

From Draenor with Love
Read about my exclusive guest strip.

First time my content was featured by a major fansite during the MoP beta.

Episode 177 – Patch 5.0.4 round table inc. my post.


After my Dread Ship Vazuvius feature, my video surpassed 3000 views in just 24hrs.


My very own NPC made it in-game!

With Warlords of Draenor, my Garrison Guide quickly surpassed all other my other blog content. It became the ‘most viewed page of all time’ after just five days.


Cymre Brightblade
A second NPC was added to Ashran in Patch 6.2.


Episode 127

Episode 32 – Archaeology with Cymre Jones


Show 253: Lookin’ Gooood

Episode 50 – Many Guests! Handle It!

Episode 61 – Cymre is Back!

channel hits 1M views


Blog hits 1M views