Pet Additions – Patch 8.2

The Rise of Azshara will introduce a number of mechanical pets from the new zone Mechagon and a number of new models from Nazjatar. We can also look forward to the new pet dungeon in Stratholme. Here’s what we know so far.


BurnoutMalowned requires you to defeat Postmaster Malown in a pet battle.

KelpfinTeam Aquashock requires you to defeat all the challenges in Mechagon and Nazjatar and capture all the pets in both zones (see video).



Arachnoid Skitterbot – Mecharantula
Armored Vaultbot – Rare Elite
– Bonepicker
Lost Robogrip – Malfunctioning Beastbot (Requires someone with the Blueprint: Beastbot Powerpack)
Spraybot 0D – The Kleptoboss

Operation: Mechagon

Microbot 8D – HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit

Golden Snorf – King Mechagon, Operation: Mechagon
Microbot XD – HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit in, Operation: Mechagon


Amethyst Softshell – Amethyst Spireshell
Brinestone Algan
– Avarius
Budding Algan
– Rockweed Shambler
Caverndark Nightmare
– Caverndark Terror
Chitterspine Needler
– Needlespine
Coral Lashling
– Carnivorous Lasher
Daggertooth Frenzy
– Daggertooth Terror
Glittering Diamondshell
– Sandclaw Stoneshell
– King Gakula, Nazjatar
Necrofin Tadpole – Blindlight, Nazjatar (see video)
Sandkeep – Sandcastle
Scalebrood Hydra
– ??
– Prince Typhonus
Skittering Eel
– Vor’koth
Slimy Darkhunter, Slimy Eel, Slimy Fangtooth, Slimy Hermit Crab, Slimy Octopode, Slimy Otter, Slimy Sea Slug – Slimy Cocoon
Spawn of Nalaada
– Elderspawn Nalada
– Prince Vortran
– Mirecrawler

The Eternal Palace

Lightless Ambusher – Lady Ashvane
Mindlost Bloodfrenzy – Blackwater Behemoth
Nameless Octopode
– Za’qul
Zanj’ir Poker – Azshara Chestsnool


OOX-35/MG (cageable)- First locate a Dismantled OOX-35/MG on the island of Mechagon (similar to the Darkmoon Tonks you need to repair for ENG). Use 25x Spare Parts (zone resource) to repair it but you may need to repair a few before you actually get the pet.

Pet Battle Dungeon – Stratholme

MinimancerStratholme Pet Battle Dungeon (Challenge Mode) – see video for a preview of last boss and vendor
Shrieker – Sean Wilkers (3)
Gruesome Belcher (3)
Crypt Fiend (2)
Ziggy (1)

Junkyard Tinkering

Utility Mechanoclaw – Requires Blueprint: Utility Mechanoclaw


Brilliant Glimmershell – Beauty in the Deeps
Lustrous Glimmershell – Glittering Shell
Sandclaw Nestseeker
– looted from a Glimmering Chest


Chitterspine Devourer – Crafticus Mindbender or Dazzerian
Damplight Slug – Atolia Seapearl (Unshakled – Revered)
Drowned Hatchling
– Feylana the Handler
Pearlescent Glimmershell – Artisan Otaka (Alliance) or Finder Pruc (Horde)
Prismatic Softshell – Speaker Utia (Ankoan – Revered)

Wild Pets

Operation Mechagon

Alloyed Alleyrat
Clanking Scrapsorter
Copper Hopper


Duskytooth Snooter
Experimental Roach
Fleeting Frog
Junkheap Roach
Malfunctioning Microbot
Mechagon Marmot
Motorized Croaker
Rustbolt Clucker
Rustyroot Snooter
Scrapyard Tunneler
Specimen 97 – may be unique (see video)
Yellow Junkhopper


Abyssal Slitherling
Chitterspine Skitterling
Deeptide Fingerling
Glimershell Scuttler
Great Sea Albatross
Hissing Chitterspine
Muck Slug
Sandclaw Pincher
Sandclaw Sunshell
Spireshell Snail

The Eternal Palace

Blackchasm Crawler
Chitterspine Deepstalker
Trench Slug

Twilight Highlands

Twilight Whelpling – Capturing one will give you an item to hand in to a nearby NPC (see video).


Glimmershell Scuttler
Mustyfur Snooter
Snowsoft Nibbler
Echoing Oozeling

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