Heroic Hall of Explorers

This was by far the most challenging wing in the League of Explorers but what would you expect with the last wing of an adventure? I was determined to complete each mission with a priest deck and am happy to say, it’s finally done!

Skelesaurus Hex

Being able to summon any random card means you’ll need a really aggressive deck to counter his huge assortment of free minions and spells. I had to try a few different decks before settling on cards which could essentially wipe the board when needed. This included 2 cards made specifically for this match (Lightbomb and Doomsayer) but I also had Mind Control and Entomb on hand to steal Gahz’rilla.

Beware though, he really loves his Deathrattle cards and will even apply them to minions already with the effect. Secrets will usually be Snake Trap or Bear Trap but it’s possible to get others as well.

The Steel Sentinel

Holy Crap! This deck took a while to tweak but in the end I used a lot of cards which which could deal extra damage with each turn. Cards like Shadowboxer, Demolisher and Knife Juggler work really well here, especially with Imp Master but I never got to play my YOLO card.

Go for cards giving you total control so avoid ones like Mindgames, Mind Vision or Thoughtsteal. The trick was to use a disposable minion at the start since he’ll often Bash within the first few turns and use your minions sparingly or you’ll lose them once he plays either Brawl or Enter the Coliseum.

Note: there appears to be a bug with the latter since the game stalled once my Nerubian Egg was destroyed.

The Armorsmith can really make or break the match so make sure you Convert one whenever you see it on the board. If you’re not holding either copy use Shadow Madness (if possible) to gain some extra armour that turn. On one attempt, I was sitting on 27 armour once the weapon broke.

In the end, I really couldn’t have asked for better outcome.

Arch-Thief Rafaam

A pretty simple deck with zero or low attack cards. I probably could have done without a Lightwell but it’s simple enough to kill off and don’t be afraid to put the Eerie Statues in play because the minions will eventually kill them off.

He’ll still draw an assortment of cards to supplement your stolen deck but you just need to build up enough minions to take out his highest threats.

I also had a go at making a video overlay so you can see my deck in the video.

Rafaam Unleashed

It was a combination of buff cards, Faceless Manipulators, steals, battlecry and small tanks. I removed all spell cards like Mind Blast and Holy Fire opting for more minions in the deck.

A couple of matches reached the 20 min mark with Steel Sentinel and Skelesaurus both hitting fatigue but they defeated me in the end. My Arch-Thief win surpassed that by another 2mins making it the longest match by far.




YAY! I now have this awesome cardback for beating all of the Heroics.

This is definitely my favourite adventure by far so a big THANK YOU and WELL DONE to the Hearthstone team. You really outdid yourselves this time.

Author: Cymre

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