Archaeology Wish for Legion

Archaeology was an exciting profession back in Cataclysm and while there are aspects I do enjoy, it’s not a profession I can happily do for hours on end. It would probably be different if it didn’t require just digging (although that slightly changed in WoD) or have to fight through mobs but I would love to see them reinvent the profession to make it more engaging and fun.


Smaller Dig Sites

One thing I’d like to see is a consistent number of smaller dig sites with no mobs to fight – not counting the spectral spirits popping up occasionally. Only a few currently fit this criteria like the Ring of Trials in Nagrand and the Broken Spine in Gorgrond. I just hope we never see another one like the Feeding Pits in Townlong Steppes. An alternative could be phased versions which allow us to dig in peace but there’s a lot of phasing going on already.


How about giving us an actual excavation site? Could you imagine slowly uncovering the fossilised remains of a huge dinosaur (or whatever mount we get this time) instead of uncovering a few fragments here and there? Maybe it could work like the rare shipyard missions so you knew which locations had the cool rare artifacts. I’d be sure to make a beeline for that Manticron Cube if it ever came up as a rare archaeological find.

Jumping Puzzles


The Arakkoa jumping puzzles were a fantastic addition including the somewhat tricky one in Veil Terokk. In general, I really enjoy the treasure hunting aspect so when this extra source of fragments appeared, I felt they injected some excitement into a profession which is pretty mundane. In Draenor, this was somewhat alleviated with a faster levelling pace than before.


It doesn’t help when you’re an achievement junkie who needs to find every pristine artifact there is. Of course, this is something I only focus on at the end of an expansion, which is why I’m currently working on my last 3 solves. So far, I’ve purchased a few randomisers to help with the unwanted Ogre dig sites but it would be easier if there was a sonic equivalent. I did notice an increase in the number of keystones lately but nite_moogle assured me this nothing more than loot being random.


Garrison missions have alleviated the need to do more digs and have accumulated so many Restored Artifacts, I have a constant supply of Explorer’s Notebooks on hand. On a side note, wouldn’t it be great if we had a follower to take on rare archaeology missions and reward us with an unsolved pristine artifact?

All-in-all, I hope we see some exciting changes in Legion but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Author: Cymre

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  1. It could sure use a face lift. The other day I was deciding what I wanted to do and realized I had totally forgotten about archaeology as an option. It was what I did at the end of an expansion but I did at least to it.

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    • I’d just love them to give it some attention instead of just adding some new branches and rares.

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  2. I’d like them to expand upon archaeology (and first aid) but if nothing else, I’d be happy if they eased the grind for achievement hunters. Finishing the pristines is 90% of the effort and it’s not really enjoyable the 20th time you do a digsite. Perhaps every subsequent solve could increase your chance of a pristine (and preferably show this on the UI somehow!).

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    • Yes, definitely – especially if it’s the same artifact. Kind of like your traps improving the more you pet battle. :P

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