Follow-Up Friday

There’s not much news to get stuck into these days, so I’m left with my bucket list to keep me occupied. Most of the time, my Dimensional Ripper either works as intended or gives me the good soul/bad soul debuff so I was pleasantly surprised to find this sexy looking Draenei earlier. It certainly made my first Timewalking dungeon a little more interesting.


Thankfully, the Voidtalon of the Dark Star and Tundra Icehoof have been knocked off my bucket list. Still no luck on those rare dropping mounts though.


Spending several hours each night trying to get the last Tanaan mount proved extremely boring but I have to say, I will miss those Medallion of the Legion drops. I was one medallion away from getting exalted with the Frostwolf Orcs so will probably farm another to get me over the line. Sadly, I’ll need a lot more for my Laughing Skull rep but the Faire will be up in a couple of days so I may just wait until then before using any more.


Meanwhile, I’ve almost completed my Fangs of the Father journey although it looks like I’ll be a few clusters short this week. So close…

Author: Cymre

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