Voidtalon of the Dark Star

After reading up on the Voidtalon of the Dark Star, I flew around Draenor trying to pinpoint all the known spawn points earlier in the day. Frostfire Ridge and Shadowmoon Valley appeared to be the easiest locations since their spawn points are all in close proximity to each other. You can essentially camp three locations at once, making either zone, a great place to log out.

FrostfireVoid ShadowVoid

When the servers came back, I logged onto my Alliance priest who was already hovering at the base of Socrethar’s Rise in Shadowmoon Valley. After a quick flyby, I logged onto my main to check the locations in Frostfire and Gorgrond, hanging around Everbloom, just in case the portal was linked to the daily.

An hour after the servers came back, I logged back onto my Alliance toon to find a portal had spawned directly below me at 50.4, 71.3. I raced down to click it (while attempting to take a pic) before anyone arrived.


As soon as you do, the portal disappears triggering a solo scenario queue. This is quite similar to the mysterious camel figurine in Uldum so be quick to use the portal if you see one.


I have to admit, I was expecting the scenario to involve some sort of combat but when I realised you just can just zone in and loot the egg, it was very anticlimactic.


Corrupted by the presence of the Dark Star in Draenor, the Voidtalons resisted being broken by the Shadowmoon Clan and were ultimately destroyed by Ner’zhul. Only a single egg remains, lost in the void.

Players will be unable to interact with any future portals but can still group up with friends to increase their chances.

Things to note:

  • The portal cannot be targeted by a macro or addon
  • It does not show up on your minimap
  • There are between three to six portals in each zone
  • Only one will be up at a time
  • Portals are random and only last a few minutes
  • They will despawn and respawn in another location if no-one interacts with it
  • The mount will be posted if a cross-realm portal is used

voidtalon mount

Unlike the Dread Raven, this one cannot fly making it more like the Raven Lord which drops from Anzu.

If you’ve been lucky enough to see a portal, feel free to share your story and location below.

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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  1. Oh wow, congratulations! I did the same thing at that location this morning after the restart no portal for me though. But in her frustration Cat went and beat up Demidos and got the pet! Pretty good consolation prize.

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    • It seems to take at least an hour after restarts so good luck and grats on the pet!

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  2. Wow congrats! That’s one of those mounts I figure I’m never going to get, haha.

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    • Thanks! You never know though, it helps when you know what to look out for. :)

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  3. I can only recommend everyone use cross-realm assist (add-on) and quickly join / leave groups to cover as many spawn points as possible. Got mine FFR in some dead server I entered through x-realm in the morning around 9-10am. I recommend people camp this in the mornings, too. (I found between 4am and 10am is a good time to camp rares in general, since that’s when the least amount of people are on- Blizz schedule their maintenance around these times for a reason…)
    I don’t recommend just looking for it at realm reset – I didn’t find mine around server reset, it was days away from that. Also you’ll be in for lots of competition that way too because everyone and their mom will be looking for it at that time. It also spawns at other times, so just keep your eyes peeled. I’d recommend just getting that add-on, and doing some methodical camping in the early mornings to around mid-morning round FFR and SMV spawn points. (Park a character at each?) Flying makes things a lot easier.

    I must note that I was camping FFR at the Rylak spawn and I can confirm that did not see the portal by the slope with the ogres until I flew up to it and noticed my mouse cursor change to a hand. If you’re camping thinking you’ll see all 3 portals at once, that’s doubtful, so fly around anyway just to be sure. (I’m glad I did.)
    It’s hard to see sometimes, I’m convinced some people just miss it outright, so be sharp.

    Hope I could help someone.

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    • I definitely recommend leaving a toon in SMV if you’re based in Frostfire (or vise versa). Flying around each zone is also the way to go since some portals are easier to see than others. Congrats on your mount!

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      • Thanks! SMV is great. 5 portals in close proximity and as a bonus, you have a chance to bump into Pathrunner while you’re at it, too. I found the pretty talbuk that way, and what a nice surprise that was. Guys, if you don’t at least attempt that route, you must hate mounts ;)

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  4. Okay, to start my story: I decided to look for the voidtalon last Thursday( April 7th 2016) when I saw another player mounted on it. So, I went out to shadowmoon where I heard was a good camping spot for the mount considering how close the proximity of each portals were to eachother. I went out not hoping to see the portal, but to get familiar with the area having done none of the dailies out here, and logged out after a while. The next morning(April 8th, 2016), I logged in to notice that the a server restart is happening in 3 mins, so i was like, “oh okay.” Logged out and wasn’t thinking of logging back in, but after 10 mins, I sat back down and logged in. As my screen came into view, a edge of reality portal was right in my face( note: literally was 10-15 minutes after a irregular server restart) I instantly click the portal given my hysteria and hyperventilation. As I clicked the portal however, my client crashes due to technical issues I been having with my laptop, so as I waited for the program to recover, praying that I can still be able to enter the que of the scenario. Just as my game recovered, I hear the que pop end. I was devastated. I saw no portal, and I waited hoping it bugged. Nothing. I logged out in disappointed in my luck. Fast forwarding hours later after I get home from work, I logged in with the state of mind that I will eventually attain this voidtalon due to it giving itself to me so easily. As I logged in, without noticing I had mail for 5 mins, went along scouting the spawn points of the portals again. When I did notice my mail, I didn’t have my hope up, even if it was the archmage. I was like, it can’t be. When I open my mail. The voidtalon of the dark star was rescued by the Archmage Khadgar. Thank you. Lol

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