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It’s no surprise many people would have tuned in to watch the live stream for the next Warcraft expansion reveal but it wasn’t until yesterday’s media briefing which had more than a few people excited.

Source: Eurogamer (live blog)

They’ve got a few videos to show including a cinematic teaser. They’re also doing a full BlizzCon-style presentation afterwards to do a full reveal on the expansion. That’s really cool.

It’s not like Blizzard to choose Gamescom for that kind of reveal. Makes me wonder what on earth they’ve got for BlizzCon – must be big!

We already know the Warcraft trailer will finally be shown at Blizzcon this year, so perhaps we’ll be seeing all the footage they’ve shown to various con attendees over the last couple of years.

OK, so a cinematic teaser and Blizzcon-style presentation? That would mean they’ve already spent a considerable amount of time working on this new content, right? Here’s what the In-game Cinematic Director had to say earlier:

Hmm, well maybe not at 2 in the morning :P but here‘s what we know.

Legion is the name of the new expansion which means, you guessed it, the return of the Burning friggin’ Legion and Illidan. Holy Crap! That means the rumour mill was not far off the mark, in fact, it includes several storylines players have been hungry to revisit since the first expansion.

It will include:

  • the new Demon Hunter (tank / dps) hero class exclusive to Blood Elves and Night Elves. Healing spec didn’t make as much sense but they’ll have unique customisation options (horns, tattoos, blindfolds) and can double jump.
  • Class Order Halls will become your base of operations where you are the leader of your class. This time the focus is on class unity rather than faction pride of previous expansions.
  • an epic class quest sees you wielding your own artifact weapon from fallen/lost heroes – one for each spec such as Doomhammer and Ashbringer.
  • Champion system requires fewer followers compared to Warlords. You’re not raising an army but finding elites (think Knights of the Round Table).
  • new continent Broken Isles – home to an old Night Elf civilisation and Tomb of Sargeras.
  • To defeat our most powerful foe, we’ll need to scour the Broken Isles for Titan relics – the Pillars of Creation which helped shape our world. Now needed to seal the gateway to the Tomb of Sargeras.
  • new level cap of 110.
  • new Honour System.

They also mentioned Ysera and the Emerald Nightmare, racing to beat Queen Azshara to the Pillars of Creation, aiding Neltharion before he becomes Deathwing and even Alleria and Turalyon.


  • New continent: The Broken Isles
  • New class: Demon Hunter
  • Artifacts: customizable weapons that grow in power as you do
  • Class-specific Order Halls and followers
  • All New Dungeons and Raids
  • New World Bosses
  • Level cap raised to 110
  • Revamped PvP progression system
  • Improved transmogrification system
  • Improved social features
  • Character Boost—immediately raise one character to level 100
  • and more…

Choo! Choo! All aboard the hype train.

This is exciting since I loved BC with the introduction of the Blood Elves and the Sunwell. I feel like we’ve come full circle as we face the Burning Legion again and they’ve included something else I love – Titan lore! I would have liked to see something about character customisation like more faces and hairstyles but even the ability to change height and girth would be cool. They didn’t mention this in the reveal but I’m particularly excited about the following improvements to storage and transmog.

We’re improving the transmogrification system, allowing you to collect item appearances and save your favorite outfits without sacrificing precious bag space.
Source: Official website

I can’t wait to see how much bag, bank and void space I can save. All I can say is, I hope this expansion lasts longer than Warlords. Now to wait for the beta announcement.

So what do you think? Does this make you happy or sad? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Hmm .. I’m not sure how I feel at the moment. A little bit disappointed I think. Some of the stuff looks really cool .. the weapons, the druid forms, the class quests .. but it just feels like going back in time a bit again. I know we’re not, but it’s kinda feeling like they’re rehashing previous ideas overall, rather than bringing us something completely new. It didn’t help that the majority of that audience looked like they were bored senseless!!

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    • It sounds like they are trying to tie up some loose ends. I really wasn’t expecting them to incorporate so many storylines but it’s pretty cool how they’ve designed them around different dungeons, raids and even zones.

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  2. It makes me very happy! I’m trying to figure out my Demon Hunter name now. Chilton mentioned he was looking forward to seeing people in the beta this year. I’ll have to go see what the general time from beta to launch is.

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    • Sounds like the beta announcement will be pretty soon.

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  3. I think if they’d waited until November to announce, everyone would probably assume a release of 2017, which is just not good at ALL for the numbers.

    Not saying it WON’T be 2017 (I’m betting November 2016) but a lot of time, it’s about managing perceptions.

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    • It’s not long until November so I’m expecting to see a lot of great things at Blizzcon.

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