Darkmoon Faire – 6.1

Several new additions were added to the Faire this month including a new racing challenge (first seen on the beta).

Big Race

All you have to do is race to three marked posts (blue > green > red) before returning to the starting gate.

Things to note:

  • Springboards can shoot you forward (so make sure you’re facing the direction you want to go)
  • Speed boosts allow you to walk on water for several seconds
  • Electrical wires will stun, however,
  • Your ‘Jump to Banner‘ button makes you immune to hazards for the next 4 seconds.

More races will be introduced over the next few months but here’s what we have so far.

March: ‘The Real Race’, including the Racing Strider racer and a set of achievements with rewards.

  • Darkmoon Race Enthusiast: Successfully complete your first Darkmoon race.
  • Darkmoon Racer Novice: Complete The Real Race with the Racing Strider within 25 tolls.
  • Darkmoon Racer Jockey: Complete The Real Race with the Racing Strider within 20 tolls.
  • Darkmoon Racer Leadfoot: Complete The Real Race with the Racing Strider within 15 tolls.
  • Darkmoon Racer Roadhog: Complete The Real Race with the Racing Strider within 11 tolls to receive the Fire-Eater’s Vial as a reward.


April: ‘The Real Big Race’, including a new Rocketeer racer, more boosts and race buffs, and new achievements for beating the The Real Big Race with both racers.

May: A new Wanderluster racer, new achievements for beating both races with the Wanderluster and rewards.

June: A new Powermonger racer, new achievements for beating both races with the Powermonger and rewards.

Turtle Toss

Triumphant Turtle Tossing requires you to toss 10 rings in one session. This may sound easy if you’ve done this previously but the turtle’s path has changed and requires a perfect score.

The easiest way to do this is to target the centre of the star formation since the turtle will run out in several different directions before returning to the centre.

Reward: Darkmoon Ring-Flinger

Tonk Commander

Ace Tonk Commander – scoring 45 hits earns you the achievement and the new Darkmoon Tonk Controller toy. I only managed to get this with another 5 or 6 tonks in the pit. It appears you will get credit for other people’s targets as I was getting credit when it looked like I wasn’t hitting anything at all. Just spam that first button and keep moving.


  • Players are no longer able to destroy other players’ Tonk Targets.
  • Increased the number of Tonk Targets spawned at the start of a Tonk Challenge session to 9 (up from 7). This should make the Ace Tonk Commander achievement more obtainable.


There’s also a Music Roll available from Chester if you’ve completed the B.O.O.M Box quest.

Author: Cymre

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  1. I’ve got the rest of the week to try to get under 11, we’ll see! Haven’t even tried that turtle yet.

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    • Best of luck! You may find it helps to reduce the graphics settings and I didn’t get it until I only used the mouse to manoeuvre giving me a straighter path.

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