Secretive Whistle

Hoping to pick up something interesting for the Toy Box, I decided to play through the quest chain in Blasted Lands. As a rogue, there weren’t a lot of mobs to pickpocket so I was pleasantly surprised to get a Secretive Whistle from Mokrik Blackfingers in Nethergarde Keep. I didn’t think much of it at the time but I figured I’d pickpocket the other two quest lieutenants to see if I received anything of note.

By the time I finished the quest, I had a Diamond RingRuby Amulet and Oozing Amulet but wasn’t sure of their relevance being soulbound items. It would have been cool to use the diamond ring on my bank alt (particularly if you could see the stone) but when I used the whistle, a familiar figure appeared.


You may remember him as one of the Outlands npcs in Shattrah’s Lower City. The one who sells the Hula Girl Doll for the Turbo-Charged Flying Machine.


Here, he offers to pawn some stolen goods for you. In this case, the three items I mentioned above in return for 17x Dingy Iron Coins.

The following items are worth a various number of coins:


Da Big Score (weekly quest) – Turn in 1000x Dingy Iron Coins for 250G.
If You’re Sure (requires level 100) – Collect 5,000x Dingy Iron Coins for a measly 10G reward.


In 6.1, you’ll be able to trade in 10,000 coins for a Barrel of Bandanas and the following transmogrification helms:

Author: Cymre

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    • It’s always fun discovering something new!

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  1. I knew I needed to get my rogue leveled! She’s still working out in Northrend. Time to get leveled, and fast!

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    • Have fun! Now I’m trying to get the other pickpocketing toys which looks like they’ll be a lot more annoying to collect.

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      • i collected over 1k dingy iron coins on my alliance and horde rogue… Griftah didnt give me a quest to turn in.
        if its in game it may be when wod is live.

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        • The quest is designed for level 100 so it’s something to look forward to down the track :)

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