Garrison Outpost vs Follower Choice

There are a number of followers you can potentially pick up as a result of your outpost selection so I thought I’d take a closer look at what each follower brings to the table. The only exception comes from the end of the Thunder Pass chain in Frostfire Ridge which offers you a choice of three.

In general, they will all have one ability and in most cases, a random trait. Additional traits and abilities come from playing through the beta with the potential to become epic from garrison mission XP.

The Battle for Thunder Pass

Thunder Pass followers

Greatmother Geyah (90) Restoration Shaman

Default Ability and Trait

Kal’gor the Honorable (90) Elemental Shaman

Default Ability and Trait

Lokra (90) Enhancement Shaman

Default Ability and Trait


Lumber Mill

Kaz the Shrieker (93) Elemental Shaman

Quest: Iyu

Default Ability and Trait

  • Hex (counters Deadly Minions)
  • random trait

Penny Clobberbottom (93) Survival Hunter

Quest: Penny For Your Thoughts

Default Ability and Trait

  • Deterrence (counters Massive Strike)
  • random trait

Random Traits

  • Guerilla Fighter
  • Talonslayer

Savage Fight Club

Bruto (93) Windwalker Monk

Quest: The Axe of Kor’gall

Default Ability and Trait

  • Provoke (counters Wild Aggression)
  • random trait

Spirit of Bony Xuk (94) Subelty Rogue

Quest: Zero Xuk’s Given

Default Ability and Trait

  • Sap (counters Deadly Minions)
  • random trait


Arcane Sanctum

Magister Kreles

Magister Krelas (94) Fire Mage

Offered at the end of the Arcane Sanctum questline

Default Ability and Trait

Random Abilities and Traits:

  • Polymorph (counters Deadly Minions) ability
  • Burst of Power – trait
  • Furyslayer – trait

Vol'jin's Arsenal

Morketh cage

Morketh Bladehowl (94) Fury Warrior

Quest: The Only Way To Travel

Default Ability and Trait

Spires of Arak


Dark Ranger Velonara

Dark Ranger Velonara (96) Marksmanship Hunter

Quest: Standing United

Default Ability and Trait

  • Counter Shot (counters Powerful Spell)
  • Skinning (boosts work order production based on follower level while assigned to the Barn)

Smuggler's Run


Ziri’ak (99) Arms Warrior

Obtained from the Smuggler’s Run merchant window.

Default Ability and Trait

  • Pummel (counters Powerful Spell)
  • random trait

Random Abilites and Traits

  • Cleave (counters Minion Swarms) ability
  • High Stamina – trait
  • Furyslayer – trait
  • Burst of Power – trait

For those who plan on making the most out of their mission table, it would be wise to have a follower who can counter any threat so follower choice would be a valid reason to choose which outpost to build.

At 100, you can switch over any outpost for a 5K fee by speaking to the camp foreman. This allows you to complete the related questline and obtain any outpost-specific followers. There’s also an option to buy any outstanding followers from the contract NPC located in your Town Hall (available in Patch 6.1) for 5K gold.

Author: Cymre

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  1. I’s finding what countering threats becomes increasinglies important as yer followers gear up. Fer the 630-level missions (heroic dungeon-like) I ended up makin’ a spreadsheet ta track everyone’s abilities ta see where me weak spots was. At raid level missions, where ya gets ta counter six different threats, I expects matching up three followers is gonna be like playin tetris.

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    • Sounds like the raid mission I had last night. I waited until I geared them up a bit more before I sent them out but it’s true, it’s a bit like playing snap or something.

      It also feels great when you see that armour or weapon go from rare to epic. :)

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  2. Hmm, I’m beginning to worry. It looks like there’s so much to know about garrisons I shouldn’t be waiting until WoD to learn about them. Maybe I should get my head out of the sand, lol.

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    • The in-game tutorial is pretty good but you don’t have to be too serious about it. It’s quite fun either way.

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