Darkmoon Faire – 6.0

There are several new additions to the Darkmoon Faire including a new challenger for pet battlers. Let me introduce you to Jeremy Feasel‘s older brother.

Look at me, now look at my horse, now look back at me, are I not the most impressive battler of pets that you have ever seen?

Look now at my compatriot over there. Is he on a horse? Of course not! Is his hat made of fireworks? Not in a million years! Everything about me is more impressive, from my coat color to my last name, which I made myself.

Dare you step up to the might of Christoph Willikens Dennis Ragnaros VonFeasel the First?

I can see you trembling!

Sound familiar?

Christoph VonFeasel

Christoph VonFeasel <Grand Master Pet Tamer>
Syd (Magic) – Water Jet, Whirlpool, Bubble
Mr. Pointy (Beast) – Impale, Trihorn Charge, Trihorn Shield
Otto (Beast) – Trample, Feed, Darkmoon Curse

Defeating him will give you a sack of Greater Darkmoon Pet Supplies which has a chance to contain Syd the Squid.

Syd the squid

My initial battle on the beta wasn’t too bad, in fact it was rather amusing at the end but having to listen to the sound of that cow >.<

Today I decided to try another team which worked out pretty well but note that Syd is no longer an aquatic but magic pet. Best of all, I received the pet from my first bag!

Firebird’s Challenge

A new daily requires you to fly through a series of rings (just like the Alysrazor fight in Firelands). The aim is to stack as many charges to your Wings of Flame buff before the buff falls off giving you only 10 seconds to reach the next ring. The challenge not only comes from knowing the route and anticipating which direction to go next so timing is everything.

Firebirds Challenge rings

There are three achievements associated with the daily:

The last achievement rewards a pair of Blazing Wings for the Toy Box. Here’s a video of the entire route and a handy map to help you navigate around the island.


Cavern of Lament


Head down into the Cavern of Lament at ~74, 38, right under the submerged shipwreck, previously known as the underwater cavern. Kill one of the elites named Erinys to loot Broken Promises where you’ll receive a Ring of Broken Promises as a reward (note you can only hand this in at level 100).



A new vendor called Chester sells vestments and oddities:

I’ll be sure to wear the set with my High Society Top Hat.

Toy Additions

Several older items can now be added to the Toy Box:

Miscellaneous Stuff

The beta also had this racing circuit but it’s since been removed.


A racing circuit involves a series of quests like First Test Race: 1 Lap where you’re required to hit certain markers along the route. A number of spring and teleporting boosts can help you while zeppelins are designed to hinder. The Powerup Pitstop located next to the quest giver can even summon rabbits who taunt.

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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  1. Is it wrong that I’d rather have the cow as a battle pet? :D

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    • No but did you hear it in the video? It sounded so pathetic :P

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  2. I think I hate Jeremy’s monkey more than any other battle pet. I wonder if his are going to be an annoying, lol. Now must go listen to that cow!

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    • They really weren’t that bad but yes, let me know what you think :P

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  3. I tried Erinys today as a lv 100 Holy Priest…. big mistake. I will be taking friends when it goes live.

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