Virtual Blizzcon – Day 1

blizzcon-logoWhen I woke up this morning, it was well into Day one for Blizzcon attendees so I headed to Twitter to find out the latest news. The first thing I read was Warlords of Draenor – the name of the next expansion. Now this won’t be a surprise to many as Blizzard trademarked the name over a week ago followed by a lot of speculation from players.

Here’s the official announcement trailer and description:

A new journey lies before the heroes of Azeroth—one fraught with new challenges and new enemies, marked by great deeds both noble and destructive. In Warlords of Draenor, players will travel to Draenor—homeworld of the orcs and bastion of the draenei—before it was shattered into what is now known as Outland.

From the Blizzard website

Garrosh and Time Travel? Sounds epic already but I was intrigued by how different Outland will be.

Then after logging into the stream, it seemed like I was just in time for the costume contest and they really didn’t disappoint this year. There were so many intricate designs and a few even made me chuckle. I’m looking at you Mr Tuskarr and Troll Druid. At the end Jay Mohr mentioned that Australia was one of  two locations with the most live tweets so how could I resist not tweeting:

Other highlights (when I caught up on the notes) included Garrisons – our own form of player housing only better! We’ll be able to build our own fortresses with followers and complete mission objectives. There will also be inventory changes including the way we assign items to bags and no need for quest items to take up bag space.

I also see myself instantly boosting one character to level 90, possibly my rogue or a new toon altogether.

On a side note, I’m disappointed with how much it would cost to send a t-shirt back to Australia from the Blizzcon sale.

So what are you most looking forward to?

Author: Cymre

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  1. I am looking forward to the Garrison, I really liked what features they presented on the possible housing for players. Though like they said is some what based on the farm concept in pandaria. I am glad they are taking the concept into a whole new level as in terms of usefulness with in the game.

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  2. I can’t pick any one thing although I was happy about the return to 10 levels. Pretty much looking forward to it all!

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  3. The lore has me pretty stoked above all else. I really want to see what details of the seven Warlords means in the form of a story. I also look at what will eventually be Outland and I see something lush and beautiful.

    Bag space is equally as exciting. Account wide heirlooms, better stacks, and other ways our bags are no longer cluttered is long overdue.

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