Cooking up a Rascal

Fifteen days after creating my Sky-Golem, I now have two more pets to show for it. Cool started work on one while I started building up another 15x Peculiar Energy Sources for the other. However, I didn’t realise that we only had 20 Living Steels in the Guild Bank meaning I would be short 10 to make mine today. I had a lot of Spirits saved on my hunter so I traded them for some trillium ore. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any on my alchemist for Riddle of Steel transmutes so I did the only thing left – a regular transmute.

Cool helped with the remaining ones so I had all the Living Steel I needed. After making my last Energy Source this morning, the set was complete.


I had an opportunity to try them out on my PTR so I was looking forward to seeing them in action.

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and pets. Other hobbies include transmog / costumes, novelty items and all things pets.

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  1. Ooooh … they’re both so cute … but I really love that “bad robot” :-)

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    • Not sure if I have a favourite although I do hear “bad robot” at the end of every Alias disc :P

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      • *sigh* so many alts, so many reasons to concentrate on each and every one …

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  2. I was happy to help. Good to know all my tips worked out so well. Make good use of that safari hat :)

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