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I remember seeing this weapon drop only once during our Dragon Soul raids and it went to our shaman in the group. I hope he still has it since it was a weapon I coveted the first time I saw it – especially since it’s about the only weapon I can use which doesn’t require some sort of proficiency to use. A while ago, Cool and I had gone back in there to farm an item for his mog and the weapon just happened to drop this week. Being such a great guy, he let me have it even though he would like it too but he also knows how much I’ve loved it.

Morchok's Mace

I think it matches my mog rather nicely so that’s a plus right there.

Now in some other exciting news, I’m down to my last four fragments in Ulduar so I’m hoping they won’t take too long to farm. I’ll be needing some assistance though when I create my legendary so I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Here’s hoping I can find some people who would like to return the favour when the time comes.


Author: Cymre

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  1. Oooh only 4 left, exciting! :D Good luck this next week with them. I do love that mace! I got it back when we raided Dragon Soul and it was nicknamed the Pizza Slicer lol

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  2. Congrats! I adore that mace; it’s one of my favorite items out of Dragon Soul.

    Best of luck on getting your Val’anyr fragments. Even though you’re on an Aussie realm/time zone, would I still be able to come to an Ulduar raid with you to help with the finishing up part?

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    • As far as I know the limitation comes when you’re grouped with someone on another server outside of a raid or dungeon. Once we’re inside the same raid it should be fine. :)

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  3. The mace looks cool and I love ur whole transmog :)

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