Does It Exist?

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’d know that I’ve been trying to get the mace – Kri’tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm from Grand Empress Shek’zeer in Heart of Fear. Having killed her again just yesterday, I was wondering how many times she’s fallen at my feet. According to my statistics tab, it’s 16 times so I’m beginning to think it doesn’t even exist any more. Well, that and the Love Rocket… and Darkmoon Eye.

Maybe my luck will change next week. I’d love to save my extra rolls for something else, especially with the patch coming… please.


I also seem to have the worst luck when it comes to farming things too, especially when I attempt to surprise people with gifts and created items; it never really comes to fruition due to RNG or just bad luck.

Yes, I know it’s the thought that counts but it’s not much consolation when half the time people don’t even realise the effort I put into things if there’s nothing tangible to show for it… but the few times it does, it means the world to me when I see it reflected in a post or comment.

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  1. I completely and totally empathize: 21 kills on the Empress for a fist weapon including Elder Charms.


    What the hell?

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    • It’s so deflating to see more gold each time.

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  2. Empress is just a loot-hoarding monster! I’ve been beating her each week in hope of fist weapons, but nothing. What with this post and Matty’s comment, she has to be the most miserly boss this raid tier…

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  3. I seem to be lucky with drops (although sheesh how much plate always falls in HCs and raids?), but even just farming at Sunsong Ranch the other day, I harvested some magical seed that gave me the Terrible Turnip Battle Pet. It was the perfect gift for my GM, who’s always helping me with questing/dailies etc, and who really wanted it. :) I would have loved it for myself too, but I just feel lucky, I’m sure it will show up again and some point on one of my alts :)

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  4. I just had a thought…perhaps because I play on a low population server, the drop rate is better? Just a thought.

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    • With your luck, I’m sure you’ll get the seed again soon. It’s funny you should mention the low pop server though, ours is predominantly Alliance.

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  5. For myself, I’m wondering if the Essence of Horror exists for the “Dark Skies” daily. I’ve been at this for 3 months now and he’s yet to show up!

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  6. You may as well use your coins now on anything that drops stuff you need. The new raid will use an entirely different coin for extra loot rolls, although it’s still bought with silver daily charms. You’ll also be able to stack existing loot roll coins to 20.

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    • Good point. I forgot about the new coins. Still, I’m pretty much capping on coins each week due to lack of items I need left – short of an OS piece. Double the stack sounds good though.

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  7. I agree the mace is a myth ><

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  8. Sprinkles some navi luck on you. Here’s hoping you get it soon!

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    • Tome – I don’t think my luck could be any worse =/

      Slice – Oh another one waiting for it? :(

      Navi – Thx, hope that does the trick :)

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