Solo Drama

Over the past week I’ve spent quite a bit of time soloing the four classic raids introduced in the latest patch for pet farming. On Wednesday, I went in on my priest to see how many I could add to my collection. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get any from the six I killed so I ended up caving in the next day and buying the Ashtone Core from the AH as I didn’t think I would be seeing one any time soon.

I had killed the two in AQ40 pretty easily but when it came to Viscidus, I had problems shattering him in time. After several attempts I gave up and left. Then in BWL, I gave one attempt to Razorgore but left after that attempt when I became overrun with adds between MC’ing. In Naxx, after killing Maexxna, I made the error of not clearing the room before trying Patchwerk so it didn’t end well. A few days later, I went into AQ with my hunter to see if I could do Viscidus but without any frost damage to melee, I didn’t get any further than my priest. The twins also gave me issues with my sub-par gear. It’s seemed so easy on my priest a few days before.

Blood moon

Tonight I headed back into AQ on my mage (after the hotfixes) thinking it would be easier at least for Viscidus but forgot about having a fast dagger, etc in my bag for the freezing bit. After realising my mistake, I reset the boss and had a good look in my bag and Guild bank – there was nothing. Then a spark of hope appeared when I thought about a possible vendor option. Never underestimate the power of your Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth. I bought the simple dagger from one of the vendors and tried again. Unfortunately, even with Time Warp, I only managed to get 18 hits before he unfroze.

As the time inched closer to server shutdown, I hopped back onto my hunter to try the Viscidus fight again; but not before I had a couple of fast weapons handy. So I enchanted my two vendor bought daggers with Elemental Force before I tried again. Woot! I was able to kill him finally! But best of all he dropped the pet! Hurray for my first pet drop from AQ :D

Viscidus solo

I really need to get some better gear on my hunter and mage to make it more painless next week.

In other good news, I managed to get a rare crow from the Faire in the few minutes before shutdown :D

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and pets. Other hobbies include transmog / costumes, novelty items and all things pets.

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  1. hey! i play a mage and i also had trouble shattering Viscidus, and then i googled it and it told me to use a trinket that summons fast-meleeing guardians. that totally worked. i did also warp and put on a fast dagger (fastest thing in my bag was the one from The Black Stalker, where i was farming a green).

    Anyway, I daggered, warped and used the Barov Servant Caller and he finally shattered :D after like 500 tries >.>

    Here’s where i got the idea:

    Enjoy!! :D

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    • I did try the crate of puppies the first day on my priest but they can’t be spawned in the raid. So I tried summoning them outside the raid and then despawned as soon as I entered >.< Do the servants do something now? Hmm, not sure if I have that on the mage. Thx for the info though :)

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      • yeah, three NPCs pop out and start punching things :D Someone mentioned you can’t get it anymore, but i’m a serious packrat >.> I just happened to have it.

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  2. er, i should mention that the 500 tries were BEFORE finding out the trick, it was just 1 try after that XD

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    • LOL, no worries. I’m glad it worked out for you in the end.

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  3. Congratulations! Get someone to duo Razor with you and the rest of BWL is a breeze.

    I thankfully got my pet from Viscidus on my first go which I was thrilled about knowing how other people had been having trouble! I used the Brunnhildar Bow on my hunter along with Rapid shot and he went down smoothly, it does additional frost damage per shot.

    I ran three alts though MC and managed to get all of the pets! My boyfriend however had taken 8(!) though and so far only gotten two.

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    • The other day I killed Chrom in about 5sec flat. It was fun! GL with the rest of yours :)

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    • You can share the pets that you do not have with your boyfriend in order to get the achievement, it worked for me yesterday. A guildie needed two pets for the achievement, so I caged the remaining ones for him, and he got the achievement by learning them. He caged them and traded them back to me. Makes for a great gift to friends!

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      • Good point! Now if only I could get a Lil’ Tarecgosa =/

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  4. Soloing stuff is not fun when it is sometimes limited to what class you play :-(
    I had trouble killing Viscidus myself aswell, I went on my Monk, along with a Frost mage, it was fine to get him to freeze, but couldnt get enough melee hits off (even with timewarp plus my Xuen tiger pet) – Thankfully, they nerfed it down to 30 less melee hits needed I believe a few days ago, so was able to get it down! Tried it later on with a druid and my warlock, the druid enchanted the cataclysm ‘Elemental’ chant on his weapon to get him to freeze. Was fine after!

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    • Yep, the nerfs definitely helped. Just need the drop rates to improve for the amount of effort :P

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