It may have taken a while but I finally completed my Glorious! achievement today. Ever since I saw that first rare achievement in the journal, I’ve made it a personal mission to kill all the rares at least once in the game. Back in July ’09, I completed Frostbitten which I was extremely proud of. Then in September ’09, I decided to go back and finish my Bloody Rare achievement too which Navi even wrote about. Unfortunately, Cataclysm had no such achievement but you only had to look back at some of my posts about the Group Rares or even my Silver Dragon page to find them all.

Glorious achievement

These days, the Pandaren Champions are quite tricky to find. Even though their spawn rate is short, the competition is quite fierce depending on which rare it is. Today I was down to my last two, Nasra Spothide and Scritch. I’m not a fan of the monk Champions but after she died, I headed over to Kun-Lai to see if Scritch was there. Nope and there was another person camping him.

So I went to the kitchen to get something to eat while Cool hovered nearby waiting for his last rare to pop up as well in the area. I was probably gone 8mins or so when I came back I saw a big message to “COME BACK!” When I looked at the game, I saw the tell-tale rare icon through the statue I was standing on knowing that Cool had tagged the rare and was holding him for me before I even reached for my headset. By the time I flew down there, Scritch was at 3% with two other players who had tried (unsuccessfully) to kill the rare and Coolidge so they could try and steal the kill. Both failed as I saw their corpses nearby.

They were probably wondering why he was taking so long to kill him but being a Pali, he certainly had the endurance and skill to last the distance until my return. From what Cool told me, Scritch spawned soon after I left but I managed to DPS him down that last 3% yielding me the last kill I needed. Woot!

Cool, what a trooper you are. My BFF buff sure came in handy today. :D

Here’s to another achievement we both managed to get on the same day, even though we had a different kill list.

#IntPiPoMo 2/50

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  1. Grats to both of you!! Scritch is heavily camped, you really have to be on your toes to get to him first, or play the cave lottery and wait in the one he spawns in (that happened to me for my Glorious Scritch kill). Now you’ve got Relic Hunter and Glorious, they need to add more achievements like these :)

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  2. Big Grats for you and Cool! lol, Dufit has a long road ahead of him.

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  3. Gratz on the achieve!
    We are only 8 away.

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    • Sam – Yep, I wasn’t surprised by him being my last kill. I still haven’t seen his item yet though… need to go back and try it again.

      I agree about more achievements like these though :)

      Ay – GL with yours!

      Pando – OH, GL with the last 8! :)

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  4. Congrats to you both!!!

    Lon the Bull was the hardest for us as he’s camped heavily for his drop.

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    • Grats to you too. I can understand that, I haven’t seen him for a while now.

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