Old Man Thistle

Once you’re exalted with the Tillers and best friends with every member of the Tillers Union, you can kill an Enormous Cattail Grouper for a bonus quest. Killing one in Cattail Lake will drop an Old Map which you can hand into Fish Fellreed for more info. Just what I like – another treasure hunt.

Fish suggests talking to some of the residents in Halfhill about the clues and then meeting up with her again to pinpoint the location of the treasure. It appears to be in a cave nearby.

Endless Echoes Cave entrance

Endless Echoes Cave entrance

Spiders, why did it have to be spiders?

Even with a level 90 Echoweb Toxiclaw guarding the chest, he proved no match for Cymre Jones.

Treasure found

Treasure found

The best part is you get to keep Old Man Thistle’s Treasure which contains 100G as well as one of each blue quality gem and a primal diamond. After exiting the cave (hearthing is the cheapest option as the cave is blocked soon after you enter), you take Old Man Thistle’s Almanac to Seedkeeper Shing Sing at Halfhill which earns you the achievement Ain’t Lost No More.

Ain't Lost No More

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  1. Oh cool! that’s good to know. I always wondered if the storys that she tells you went anywhere. Now we know. I only have one person left to become best friends with and that is Fish. I expect if I was doing Anglers dailies then I’d have more fish to gift to her.

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  2. Thanks Cymre! I was wondering how we would be able to get that cheeve.

    Now to finish becoming best friends >.<

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    • @Zal – I’ve been wanting to pick up this quest ever since I heard about it.

      @KB – NP :)

      @Tome – Go get ’em champ :)

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  3. That is COOL~! I want to do that too~! Can’t wait till I can do it :)

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    • It’ll be easier for you going through the cave since you can stealth :P

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  4. I JUST completed this one. I finally got enough Krasarang Paddlefish together to get Fish Felreed to like me. LOL Thanks for this post. I never would have figured out to kill the Enormous Cattail Grouper to get the starter quest.

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  5. Thanx to you for posting about this treasure I went on the hunt this afternoon and had a lot of fun following this quest line. TY.

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