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I wasn’t really looking forward to the Pet Battle PVP matches after the first one I did literally killed me and then later on live, my pets lost so I vowed to try it again when my pets were maxed out. So after getting my accomplishments yesterday, I wanted so try a Pet Battle or two to see how my team fared with a combination of my five level 25 pets.

Unfortunately, I lost the first three so I swapped out one pet for another and queued again. With the new team make-up, I proceeded to win the next match. This set me up for the first win without letting any of my pets die. If I could do the same for the next four matches, I would have it in the bag. However, the next match resulted in a premature loading screen when the opponent left soon after starting. I queued again getting the same team but a different avatar.

Queuing a third time gave me a new opponent, although he forfeit the battle as well. One more and I would have it. So what do I get but the same team again with a different avatar… they leave again – Déjà vu much? Hmm… I wonder if they do this to make it appear like you’re battling different people. However the pet names were a dead giveaway.

One more win without any pet dying and I will have that achievement. The next team actually stayed for the match but I won with No Time To Heal. Woot!

No Time To Heal

This made me want to keep going… four more wins and I would have another achievement. Talk about a winning streak! With the number of teams leaving early, I actually had to battle for win number nine but it was a comfortable win. One more was all I needed… WOW, same team… they even played predictably in the same two initial rounds of turns but I managed to beat them again giving me the other achievement I was hoping for – Pet Brawler.

Pet Brawler

When I checked my achievement list, I was kind of disappointed to see Experienced Pet Brawler next on the list. My first thought was to take my time although maybe I should see how long my winning streak can last.

Wish me luck :P

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and pets. Other hobbies include transmog / costumes, novelty items and all things pets.

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  1. Good luck! You’re doing pretty awesome in Pet Battles so far — I’ve yet to win one!

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  2. It’s hit and miss for me, I still haven’t come up with the perfect team. I’ll win two in a row and think, yay, I’ve got it and then get flattened the next three times. Yesterday almost every team had a Fire Beetle, they must be the new thing.

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  3. Grats! Awesome achievement! I haven’t tried queueing with level 25s – I’ve been doing level 10s only.

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  4. Grats on your achievements! I’m sure I’ll eventually get to them one of these days….maybe right before the next expansion comes out, lol.

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  5. Pet PVP I forgot about those. Are those only available at 25?

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    • @Eva – Thx. GL in your future battles!

      @Tome – Hmm, I haven’t really seen a Fire Beetle. Maybe it’s a battlegroup thing :P

      @Martha – TY :)

      @Nav – You should, that way you have access to all their abilities :)

      @Arv – Psh! At least buy the ability to battle (if you haven’t already) and try one out…

      @Slice – no you can do it at any level but I just wanted to have a maximised team. :P

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  6. You’re obviously doing something right. Maybe you and your team look particularly intimidating?

    I haven’t managed a PvP win yet. I need to work out a good team.

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