Pet Battle Aggression

With all the bugs and testing for Pet Battles lately, I’ve found what started as a bit of extracurricular fun has turned into something more. Yesterday, I wrote about the Wild Pets of Cataclysm and how the Twilight Fiendling was the most difficult to capture. What I didn’t mention were the several close calls I had that day.

Twilight Fiendlings

One close encounter left my final pet almost dead and the second backline pet almost dead as well. Even though I had won the match, my pet died from dots as I was coming out of the battle so my captured Twilight Fiendling was lost. Shortly after that, there was another close match but my last pet died before I could get that last hit off. This went on for a while…

Here’s where I start to feel aggressive during those kinds of pet battles. You know the scene at the end of Karate Kid 2 where the other Sensei commands Johnny to “Finish Him” just before Daniel crane kicks him in the head? I find myself muttering the same thing to my active pet when it’s a particularly tough match or a pet I really want.

I might even do a little fist pump to celebrate my successful capture :P

The recent mini patch did some wacky things to pet battles, even though some things are fixed like higher pets being weakened by 2 levels on capture, as intended and some of the daily quests are working again, I finally managed to get that worg pet from Howling Fjord! I even went to Stranglethorn Vale to see if any baby apes had spawned and they finally had but having 3 pets ranging from 19-20 in my team and trying to capture a parrot who was only level 9 proved difficult as my pets seemed to do no damage after a while. To make matters worse, my 15 consecutive attempts at trapping did not result in a capture but this same level 9 ended up finishing my 3 pets off. PFFFT!!! Something is obviously very wrong there but you only have to read the forums to see a lot of people having similar problems.

Oh well, this is beta so wacky bugs are to be expected.

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and pets. Other hobbies include transmog / costumes, novelty items and all things pets.

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  1. Yeah, we’re just going to have to start again from scratch in about 6 weeks. Looking forward to the trailer being released soon!

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  2. @Zal – Looking forward to it. I’ll have access to all my pets and not just some like on beta.

    @Cool – LOL

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