Lil KT and XT

Since Cool was originally going to pay for our Guild name change back to MischiefUs, it didn’t quite work out that way. So I suggested that he could always reimburse me by buying me one of the pets from the Blizzard store. There were three Blizzard Store pets I still didn’t have but Coolidge insisted on buying me two. I figured, why buy the Gryphon Hatching when I can get two pets for even less? It was a no-brainer, really. Although I did joke that maybe he could just send the stuffed toy to his place and just give me the code :P

Since I already had the Wind Rider Cub (another gift from Cool), I must admit having the set would have been cute but as I said, I think two pets trumps one any day.

So here are the two new additions to my collection.

Lil XT - exercising

Lil XT - sleeping

Lil’ XT destroys nearby Clockwork Rocket Bots, Darkmoon Zeppelins, and Toy Train Sets. I guess this means I can get rid of my Wind-Up Train Wrecker, which by the way was worth every bit of the 250G I spent on it. I’m not ashamed to say I’m usually the first to get mine out whenever I hear that friggin’ train set.

Lil KT

Lil KT on the other hand cackles, freezes and kills nearby critters. Mind you, it took ages waiting in that ice-cold room before he felt like showing off his little party trick – his head periodically detaches and spins around.

So thanks again Cool for my fit and cool looking pets – making them pet no. 177 and 178 respectively.

Is anyone planning on making either of these their battle pets?

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and pets. Other hobbies include transmog / costumes, novelty items and all things pets.

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  1. Feeding Lil CT the papa Hummel pet biscuits is the best thing :D

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  2. I’d be tempted to add Lil KT to a battle pet team simply because his cackle is so awesome.

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    • @Rio – Aww, I ran out of those a while ago…

      @Erin – In Naxx today, I couldn’t tell if the cackle was from the pet or the big guy :P

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  3. I have both, I also have Landro’s Lil XT from TCG. But I never regretted using XT to smash the train set either and most times I have had it out ready has been LFR the number who get a kick outta dropping the train and the QQ they do when my mini beats it to dust, do I get a kick when it does.. you betcha ya =P

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  4. I haven’t thought of using either because I had other pets in mind, but I just wanted to say that there is nothing wrong with matching your clothes to your pet. You look beautiful btw! And grats on the increasing menagerie!

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    • @Night – I think the only people who like the train sets are the ones who own it.

      @Navi – I wasn’t planning on using either but who knows about later. :P Turns out I didn’t have the Uld set any more except for the headpiece but the kirin tor gown I used dropped in ULD the day before so it kind of worked out – even though I look more like a mage :)

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