Catwoman is Selina Kyle, a morally ambiguous character who has been an anti-hero, acting as an adversary, a crime fighter and also a love interest for Batman. Years of training have made her stealthy and agile as a world-class criminal, and her mastery of the martial arts makes her a formidable physical opponent. Although she began her career as a burglar, she has since then reformed and begun protecting Gotham City in her own style. This has led to her being almost completely accepted as a regular member of the Batman Family.

Source: DC Comics Database

Years ago, I dressed up as Catwoman for an Academy Awards-themed Christmas party. I went looking for a costume at one of those rental places in the city but there weren’t many choices available. In the end, I chose this lycra deal with lots of zigzag stitching to give the illusion of Michelle Pfeiffer’s costume from Batman Returns.  It was really just a bodysuit mixed with old perfume but was afraid to wash it in case it fell apart. The costume came with some ears, cape and a whip with my own boots to help finish the look. At the end of the night, I was thankful for the cape covering my costume as I waited for a taxi ride home.

Artist: Stanley Lau
Artist: James Ghio

My take on Catwoman includes a mixture of cloth, leather and mail. The hero piece is (of course) the helm but with limitations to the colours in-game, I’ve created two variations. The first is a sexier look with thigh-high boots and figure hugging bodysuit while the second was designed to work around the colour of the helm.


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Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and pets. Other hobbies include transmog / costumes, novelty items and all things pets.

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  1. First— fantastic.

    Second–if I dressed up like Catwoman for a work party there would be men using my claws to scratch their eyes out to blind them. Spandex isn’t for everyone, and there are laws in this state.

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  2. That looks brilliant! How did u do those poses or should I not ask the PS word…

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    • @Tome – Thx! the hardest thing was working out which cat to use but I found that one pretty fast so it worked out :)

      @Matty – LOL, Not sure if I’d do it again but it was embarrassing waiting for my taxi. Luckily it was pretty dark and I don’t think anyone noticed my outfit which is how I wanted it. :P

      @Navimie – Thx :) Shh, it’s my little secret :P

      @Coolidge – You’re right about that :)

      @Pando – Thx :D

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  3. I love the first look!! It is totally brilliant!! Can you tell me where did you get the helmet?

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    • Thanks! There are several mail headpieces with this look including the Earthfury Helmet and the Mask of the Speaker.

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      • Thanks Cymre!! And congrats for the NPC dedicated to your character. It is nice to see that Blizz appreciated these great work of yours :)

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        • Thanks for the kind words :)
          It would be nice to think some of Blizzard have seen my Supers (and other characters) but I guess I’ll never know.

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