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I admit the first thing that caught my eye about Tome‘s post last night was the cute little bunny at the top. It was only then I noticed that she had included her nerd score for all to see. Since then, a few more have joined in – Effy called it rating your inner nerd. Around the same time, Navi discovered that it was Geek Pride Day – a day that supports geek culture. Matty even mixed up her post with some killer bunny hijinks. By the way, if you’re curious about a certain Monty Python reference coming up in Mists, you can check out my post on the subject. Don’t let my death be in vain people…

So anyway, I was curious to see how I would rate? I thought I would be somewhere around the middle…

I am nerdier than 86% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to take the Nerd Test, get nerdy images and jokes, and talk on the nerd forum!


Umm, I guess I was wrong…

Maybe I’ll be watching Superman Returns again tonight or one of the Star Trek movies I have…

Is it bad that I’m kind of proud of this score?

I don’t know if I look that nerdy on the exterior but then again this is my ‘secret’ nerd score. At least that’s how I see it :P

But if you’re wondering how everyone else scored, feast your eyes on these:

  1. Navimie – 91 – Supreme Nerd
  2. Cymre – 86 – High Herd
  3. Effy – 83 – High Nerd
  4. Matty – 75 – Mid Rank Nerd
  5. Tome – 71 – Mid Rank Nerd

Oh and I’ve since found a second test to find out what TYPE of nerd you are:

I guess there’s something to be said for consistency :P

So let me ask you – what’s your nerd score?

Author: Cymre

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  1. Well I guess I have to bow down before your nerdiness Cym as I got 71 ;)

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  2. Oh! Got to go see what type of nerd I am, maybe I can regain some ground here, I might do well on the dumb/dork/awkward one or the sci fi one!

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  3. so I took both the nerd tests, Yep I’m not a nerd!
    I scored low on both which made sense because I know nothing about comps or math or science.

    I did better on nerd test 2 because I do know more about comics, history and sci-fi. So my hubby is wrong I’m not a nerd. I should make him take them. He will probably score 100% on both!

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    • @Rob – LOL, did you do it too?

      @Navimie – I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist :P

      @Coolidge – Game/lore stuff, definitely!

      @Hyperious – LMAO! I think we have a winner :P

      @Dragonray – Good to see you join in :)

      @Bel – Aww, I was sure you’d be higher…

      @Tome – I’m mesmerised by your avatar :P

      @JD – Haha

      @Pando – You should! I’d be interested to see what he scores :)

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      • I guess it didn’t show my score… haha Yup came in with a cool 94. Yikes!

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