First Impressions of Diablo III

So I spent a while playing Diablo III tonight with Coolidge after he managed to get through his installation issues. When I first played Diablo II, I only had it for about a week or so before I decided to sell the Battle chest. I spoke about this briefly in my Twisted Nether Interview so I don’t really remember much about the game except that I had an Amazon who couldn’t kill the big red guy at the end, there was a portal and finding Wirt’s leg.

I didn’t know about connecting with other people back then since it was my first MMO so I had a lot of trouble killing the big baddie. I found it so frustrating disabling those things (or whatever) in the three corners and then getting the boss to 20% or something – at least that’s how I remember it. After I died each time, I remember having to trek back through the lava area, I guess I was in hell and then getting stuck at the same bit, dying over and over. In the end I just gave up and sold the whole thing in near MINT condition.

This time ’round, I made a wizard. I was tossing up between the Demon Hunter and Wizard classes but in the end the caster appealed to me more. Not surprising really as I play a caster (healer) in real life – at least in WoW. Even though there are no real tanks or healers in the game, it should make things more interesting.

Things do seem to happen a lot quicker in the game, no slow casts or waiting for dots to proc before you really see something happen. I also need to remember not to right-click to interact with people of holding down both click buttons to run. I keep trying to blast the NPCs when I don’t mean to :P It is kind of nice to just run over things when I loot money and gold though and the rare creatures are kind of fun too – and frequent.

I’ve been upgrading my gear pretty easily with lots of nice purple items. She keeps switching between a polearm, bow, crossbow and a one-handed weapon/shield combo. I do see my bags being a bit of an issue though, as the junk adds up pretty fast to match the pace of the game. I kind of like just tossing the stuff on the ground though when we want to swap items. The only mishap I had was when Cool wanted to dump a lot of stuff for room and I went to pick them up about a minute later (realising after the first pick-up it was his pile of junk) :P But I’m not sure if I like the fact that you can’t change your camera angle like in WoW. You know me and screenshots.

I was also excited when I started seeing purples so early in the game even though they aren’t like purples in WoW. Apparently yellows are good in this game. Have to keep my unwanted purples to break down at the Blacksmith though. Oh and I heard you can change your banner design… I need to get around to doing that too.

So anyway, my wizard is 7 right now and with Cool by my side, I hear I can finally get my revenge on the big baddie of D2.

All I can say is, it’s about damn time… :D

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