Unyielding Fists – the series

For this small series of quests, we are tasked with helping Lin find Master Bruised Paw. Our only clue is heading north (unless you open your map). It’s not long before he puts us through a series of training exercises.

Unyielding Fists-1

With some sparring

Unyielding Fists-2

hitting a large rock


and smashing watermelons

We begin our first of three trials with Master telling us:

We will start with a test: The Trial of Bamboo.

Your friend Lin failed this test.

Follow me, and listen carefully to my instructions.

Objective: Speak with Master Bruised Paw, then successfully strike the Stack of Bamboo Reeds 3 times.

You have progressed in your training, I think. Come with me, and we will attempt the Trial of Wood.

Objective: Speak with Master Bruised Paw, then successfully strike the Stack of Wooden Blocks 4 times.

Once the second trial is mastered, Master Bruised Paw says:

I can sense your anxiety, but you are not ready yet. Your training must continue before you perform the final test. As for your task… I need you to fetch me some eggs.

Yes, eggs. The marshland atop the hills to the east is home to a number of birds, all of which are generally peaceful in nature. You should have no trouble gathering enough eggs to last me several weeks.

Once the eggs are collected, Master tells me: You have accomplished much in the short time you have been here, Cymre. I would not normally offer this test so soon… but I feel that you’re ready.

It is time you attempted the Trial of Stone.

Objective: Speak with Master Bruised Paw, then successfully strike the Stack of Stone Blocks 5 times.

It seems we’re not done yet as more training is required…

…even blindfolded

I was able to smash some explosive eggs

But that’ll teach Master Bruised Paw to take the Hornbill Strider’s egg (or ask me to).

A few things to note:

  1. Once in the vehicle part of the quest, other players don’t phase out of your scenario which doesn’t make for great screenshots.
  2. If you start the quest mounted (I was in my hog), the mount doesn’t phase out. It will follow you as you walk over to the blocks, like it’s part of your character.
  3. Coming out of the scenario, your action bars are hidden (this seems to happen every time there’s vehicle involvement).

All-in-all this was a very enjoyable series of quests.

Author: Cymre

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