Love Story – Lo and Syra

Dawn’s Blossom is the venue where we aid two pandaren from rival brewmaster families, the Goldendrafts and the Wanderbrews who fall in love and end up winning the blessings of the pandriarchs ancestral spirits.

We first meet Lo when he asks us to gather some silk as he wants to impress Syra.

As he rushes off to show his beloved the silk we collected for him, Kai Wanderbrew appears looking for his son.

Have you seen my son, Lo? He was here a moment ago and I told him we were leaving today.

I’m sure he’s off trying to woo that young Syra Goldendraft. That is the very reason we need to leave!

No son of mine is going to run off with a Goldendraft!

Could you ask around and see if anyone knows where he went?

Peiji Goldendraft at the inn might know where his daughter is. You may also want to ask Lo’s friends Toya and Yufi. They may tell you more than they told me.

That Wanderbrew? Why would a Goldendraft ever know where a Wanderbrew is? Their family has always been a scar on our beautiful town’s reputation.

To make things worse, that filthy creation is probably making eyes at my daughter. That I will not have!

If you see either him or my daughter you tell them as much for me.

Lo? Sure. I’ve been sent to hunt him down lots of times. Well, him and Syra Goldendraft.

Best places to look for them are either the inn or the Arboretum.

It’s easy to locate people you need to talk to as the chat bubble is visible from the map.

I have not seen Lo since he made off with my student, Syra. They were heading east toward the Arboretum.

It will not go well if their parents learn of this. The Wanderbrews and the Goldendrafts have had a long standing feud.

Inkmaster Wei nearby states that Syra and Lo may be found at the Shrine of the Dawn, seeking an answer to their dilemma amongst the pandriarchs of old.

At the Shrine, Syra says to you:

My love, Lo, tried to get permission to marry me from the pandriarchs. Though they have passed beyond, their favor would carry a lot of weight.

Thing is, they are spirits, and none of the gifts or tributes we brought impress them. To win their favor they claimed that either Lo or a champion must defeat them in single combat.

Lo is a good man, but not a fighter.

Would you be our champion?

After defeating all three Pandariachs, the two are ecstatic. Syra tells you:

Fantastic! thank you so much! With their blessing we can be the happiest pandaren in all the land!

Toya, Peiji Goldendraft, and Kai Wanderbrew walk up.

Toya says: Here they are. See, told you I could find anyone or anything.
Lo Wanderbrew says:
Mister Goldendraft, I humbly ask permission to marry your daughter Syra.
Peiji Goldendraft says:
What?! This is preposterous.
Kai Wanderbrew says:
Son! What are you doing! She’s a Goldendraft.
Lo Wanderbrew says:
It is not her name I am interested in. It is her. She is the kindest, nicest, prettiest person I have ever met.
Peiji Goldendraft says: My Syra will NOT be seen with the likes of a Wanderbrew.
Syra Goldendraft says:
No, father, I will. Lo was willing to fight the Pandriarchs for me. It took Cymre to champion us but they consented.
Peiji Goldendraft yells:
They agreed?!
Kai Wanderbrew yells:
They agreed?!
Lo Wanderbrew says:
Yes. And now, with your permission, I would like to ask for your daughter’s hand.
Peiji Goldendraft says:
Well… um… I…
Kai Wanderberw says:
Come on Peiji. I don’t like it any better than you do but there is honor in the Pandriarchs’ blessings.
Peiji Goldendraft says:
Fine. What’s done is done. But don’t think I will ever like this. Or you, Kai.
Kai Wanderbrew says:
Same. Now lets get these kids back to Dawn’s Blossom.

Toya says: Wow! That was amazing. What’s next, Cymre? Think you can get the hozen and the jinyu to get along?

This was a lovely side chain that was quick to do. I look forward to doing this again on live since I’m a sucker for the romantic stuff :P

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