Poseidus Guide

Poseidus is a rare elite seahorse which drops the unique Reins of Poseidus mount.

He is one of the most difficult mounts to own, due to his extremely long respawn rate, said to range from 72-120 hours. However, the mount itself is BoE and has been listed in the AH at ridiculous prices.

Edit: In Patch 7.3.2, the respawn rate was hotfixed to 4-7hrs. Also, if you’re grouped with four other people, you should all get the mount as a personal loot item.


There are five spawn points, one in Abyssal Depths and four in Shimmering Expanse.

Underlight Canyon, Abyssal Depths

Underlight Canyon, Abyssal Depths

Biel'aran Ridge, Shimmering Expanse

Biel’aran Ridge, Shimmering Expanse

Quel'Domir Gardens, Shimmering Expanse

Quel’Domir Gardens, Shimmering Expanse

Glimmerdeep Gorge, Shimmering Expanse

Glimmerdeep Gorge, Shimmering Expanse

Ruins of Thelserai Temple, Shimmering Expanse

Ruins of Thelserai Temple, Shimmering Expanse

See my video of all spawn locations.

Not only was I taken on my own whirlwind trip last night, I was gob smacked to see Poesidus appear because I had never seen any physical proof he existed before today. When I managed to  target him, he was at full health and coming straight towards me. OMG! I couldn’t believe my luck so I quickly engaged him (trying to take a few screenshots) before finally killing him. For those wondering, I found him at this final location. Not surprisingly, he’s an easy kill at 85.

Poseidus has three abilities:

  • Bubble Charge – Charge the target in a shower of bubbles, dealing Frost damage.
  • Bubblebeam – Shoot bubbles in a cone in front of the caster, dealing Frost damage.
  • Seascape – Attempt to escape from combat and regenerate health.  Damage taken will remove the heal effect.

Since I’d killed him so fast, I didn’t notice any attempt to escape but you can just see his Bubblebeam in that first picture.

Poseidus Loot

In addition to 89G, this is what he dropped

Subdued Seahorses - side by side

Subdued Seahorses – side by side

Seahorse Smooch

Kissing Cousins, perhaps?

Unlike the other seahorse you get from questing in Vashj’ir, Poseidus can be mounted in any body of water.

That’s two rare mounts in 12 hours!!

Hmm, I wonder if Aeonaxx or Time Lost are up?

Author: Cymre

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  1. Dude! I farmed this for MONTHS battling people multi-accounting and dealing with gankers and I’ve only seen it once.. before some jerk ganked me for the kill.

    Good luck and enjoy your shiny :D

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  2. OMG!!! Did you take a good luck pill yesterday? Grats!! You sound so restrained and calm in your post, I’m glad Coolidge told us what really went on!

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  3. Hi There Cymre,
    Thanks you for your post, So I wanna get poseidus and I already got all the addons to tell me when he is nearby. I want to know if there is a spawn timer for him and I mainly want to know where to camp because he has 5 spawn points and i don’t got anyone lvl 85 that can really help me with that. So where does poseidus mainly spawn and what is his spawn timer. Thanks for all the help! :D
    I look forward to your next post

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    • I can’t say that any one spot will be luckier than another. From my experience I check all 5 each time I’m in the area, maybe staying in each spot a couple of minutes. He may respawn once or twice per server reset generally towards the end of the week so checking from Friday onwards.

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