Twilight Highlands Rares

Twilight Highlands is home to the Wildhammer dwarves and Dragonmaw Orcs, both whom inhabited Grim Batol in the recent past. Twilight Cultists have also inhabited the area, sensing the presence of the Old Gods nearby, which is explored in the questline related to Consumed by Nightmare. There’s also the Ring of Blood-style quest series that rewards a good weapon: Round Three. Fight!

is a tricky spirit beast who can spawn in six different areas of southern Twilight Highlands. If you weren’t lucky enough to tame one of the Ancient Grimtotem Spirit Guides in Dustwallow Marsh, here’s your chance now.

One of the more peculiar looking Group Elites, Julak-Doom appears to be an abomination with an octopus stuck on his head. He patrols the northern most part of Twilight Highlands to the east of the Maw of Madness.

Overlord Sunderfury
Overlord Sunderfury
spawns on top of an alter in central Twilight Highlands.

is a regal tameable lion, found in various areas of the northern part of Twilight Highlands. He’s named after Simba from The Lion King and looks like him too. This rare also shares a model with the Reins of the Golden King, the Alliance mount for earning Guild Level 25.

I managed to get this pet late one night while another hunter was AFK and hovering in the air. It was an easy tame and once he was mine, another hunter ran up to me, so I was lucky to get him by seconds!

Tarvus the Vile
Tarvus the Vile
is a strange looking dragonkin, kind of like a giant mutated kobold. He spawns in a southern cave to the west of the Obisidian Forest.

Author: Cymre

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  1. Oh I would love to update my NPCs in WoW – Comics and Cartoons with Sambas! I had no idea about that – but then I’ve never seen Sambas before either

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  2. the spirit wolf was easy, found him at 84 and he was still there when i leveled to 85, the easiest spirit beast EVER

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  3. jaredsamber:

    the spirit wolf was easy, found him at 84 and he was still there when i leveled to 85, the easiest spirit beast EVER

    I love how they made all the beasts huge now. Easier for hunters to spot their potential pets but unfortunately it also makes it an easy target for non-tamers – even though they just drop the tear now.

    The only pet I’ve seen these days who’s actually shrunk is Grunter in Blasted Lands.

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