Janeiro’s Point

Janeiro’s Point is a small island just outside Booty Bay, upon which a giant statue of Baron Revilgaz originally stood as a beacon to all travellers. Baron Revilgaz is the de facto ruler of Booty Bay and is able to observe strangers and visitors to his town atop his balcony on the Salty Sailor Tavern.

During Pirate Day, 2010

Since the Cataclysm, Janeiro’s Point has taken a fair amount of damage. Most of it can be seen on the left hand side of the statue where his missing arm is hard to miss, as well as some additional damage to the head area. A flying mount will allow easy access into the statue. Inside you’ll find a small alcove filled with unlootable treasure and chests. If you complete the small quest chain inside Zul Gurub you’ll get A Shiny Reward which you can collect from a chest inside the broken statue. The interesting thing to note is that the Black Ice ring which is one of four rewards from the chest not only sells for 100G but is also viewable on your finger when equipt. I just wish I knew that when I received the reward, pre void storage and all that. Unfortunately it’s also the only reward out of the four that’s BoP so no transferring to your bank toons for some flashy costume. aerial view of Booty Bay view from Booty Bay Janeiro's Point after Cataclysm Fly inside to loot your Shiny Reward Over the last year I’ve been able to take various shots inside the Statue. Interestingly enough it’s one of 25 random locations when using The Last Relic of Argus, one of the items obtained through Archaeology. Last Relic of Argus locationLooking out from statue

Just threw this one in for fun…

Pirate Booty

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