Accents and Vent

I remember in College people used to always say that Navi and I sounded alike since we both spoke Cantonese with our Aussie accents. They used to joke “Nei ho ma, mate!” Mind you this came from the other Asians in our circle. We thought this was quite amusing at the time.

Fast forward to when we started playing WOW together and more recently talking on Vent and I learnt there are differences. It seems to me though, when we both swear on vent most assume it’s Navi… although I do admit I say a lot of mine offline, so many wouldn’t know any different, except for Coolidge :P

Speaking to various people, I’ve learnt that some are surprised to learn I’m Eurasian since one individual said he couldn’t pick any Asian influences in my voice. I said “I’ve been told that Navi and I sound the same.” However, his response was “you just sound Aussie, she sounds a bit Asian.”

Over the years I’ve been asked if I spent any time in the USA because I seem to roll my “r“s when I speak. I’ve always attributed this to the fact that I watched a lot of American TV growing up – Brady Bunch, Charlie’s Angels, Wonder Woman, The Partridge Family… just to name a few.

But then, when I studied Nursing in one of my first tutorial classes; you know, where you do the whip around – tell us a bit about yourselves spiel – my tutorial leader said: “You’ve got a very interesting accent. Are you South African?

My response internally…What?? but externally “No-oo?

I’ve always been interested and sometimes fascinated by people’s accents. Like the guy on “Dynasty” (who I had a crush on back then) just from the way he said my name; who just happened to be a character on the show.

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