Amber, Slate or Jade?

After 6 Amber and 14 Slate attempts (at least according to my addon) not sure how many Jade ones since we didn’t see any today, it happened – the Zandalari Warbringer finally dropped his mount!

Slate Direhorn

Ok, yes I might have let out a little EEE! or two or three…

Slate Direhorn - closeup

Cool and I have killed so many of these we’ve lost count (short of when I started using the addon) so it’s safe to say we can add another 10 or so to the total. Never-the-less, it’s great to actually see one regardless of the colour. Best of all, it’s the one I was hoping for out of the three.

Thx to Cool for killing these with me and freely giving me the mount – even after all my earlier protests.

Primordial Direhorns

By now you’ve probably seen the Zandalari Warbringers around the place, maybe even a lone Pterodactyl and the not so stealthy Warscouts traversing the zone. Although I always thought it was kind of amusing how you could see the scouts a fair distance away – as I spotted one while doing a fabled pet battle that first day.


There are only three Warbringers which can spawn in five locations around Pandaria. Each one is defined by the colour of mount he rides which has a small chance to drop if you’re very lucky. As a 92 rare elite, they are easily killed with just two people, as Cool and I have proved on numerous occasions. However, they do not share a tag like the Isle of Thunder rares so you’ll have to be quick if you want a chance at the spoils. Recently, the warbringers were hotfixed so they couldn’t be taunted which may be a welcome addition for some.

Just like War-God Dokah, the Warbringers share five abilities but will only use four at a time:

Each Warbringer can drop a combination of the following:

but with such a small drop rate for the mount, I have yet to see one.



At the same time, two Warscouts may be found walking in opposite directions from each Warbringer location with three of the above buffs active. These scouts should be soloable by every class and can drop the same items as the Warbringers (excluding the mounts) albeit less loot compared to their more difficult counterparts.

So good luck and happy hunting.

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