Cymre Jones – the Motion Picture

This project has been in the works for a while but I’m excited to say that the video (created by Navimie) is finally ready to view. I only saw it for the first time today and I must admit, the music was a great fit. Funnily enough, the archaeology scene was deleted but I think it still captures who she is. As with any great adventure you’ll find action, exploration, a love interest and even a blooper when she’s flung backwards as a meteor.

I felt like I was riding a hoverboard (from Back to the Future) although it was quite difficult skimming the water with all those rocks. We also managed to record some of the Last Relic of Argus locations and follow all the forms of Kroshik on the Isle of Thunder. It was a little odd to glide over Ruby Lake and still sink with levitate activated – just shows I don’t glide very often.

It’s a long way from that first video she created of a certain tauren hunter and druid :P

Thx so much Navi. <3

YouTube Intro Contest

In seven days I will be selecting the winner for my YouTube intro giveaway. In case you missed it, I’m looking for something I can add to the start of all my videos on YouTube. As such, it only needs to be a few seconds long but the slicker the better. Ideally I’d like something which animates but feel free to ask me any questions beforehand.

You can check out my channel to see the types of videos I like to do which happens to be quite varied. A lot of my videos supplement my blog posts but some are just to share.

Here’s the channel trailer so you can see what I’m about:


It really depends on how much interest there is but will likely be pet related. Think recent additions to Patch 5.4. Still missing that one pet? Imagine if you’re the only entrant, no competition!

It could be ANYTHING!

Good Luck!

Video Goodness

The trailer to the Siege of Orgrimmar was just released last night but I’ve only just watched it. It’s a great prelude to what we’ll be seeing very soon as the new patch is released. Cool always tells me to be quiet during these videos but sometimes I can’t quite help myself. :P

Speaking of which, if you haven’t seen the The Burdens of Shaohao series below, be sure to watch it. It’s EPIC!

Coolidge’s Special Request

Just a quick note to thank everyone for their congratulations over the last day. At this stage, there is no set date for completing my legendary but Cool and I are looking at next weekend due to some commitments we have over the next few days. Stay tuned…

Edit: an email has now been sent to all those who offered to help. Please check your accounts.

Dread Ship Vazuvius

This is possibly one of the coolest rare spawns on the Timeless Isle. As I mentioned before, a few need some sort of event or interaction before they will appear and this is no exception. First you need to kill Evermaw, the rare elite whale shark that swims around the entire Isle and loot the Mist-Filled Spirit Lantern he drops.

Cursed Gravestone

Then head to the Misty Strand and use the lantern at the Cursed Gravestone. This will summon the Dread Ship Vazuvius. Note the lantern is a conjured item so only lasts an hour which is probably why you don’t always see the gravestone. I suspect the shrine is only active as long as Evermore is alive and probably up to an hour afterwards unless someone summons the ship within that timeframe.

Once the ship is destroyed, you can loot the spoils which includes 1000x Timeless Coins and the Rime of the Time-Lost Mariner –  another transformation item.

Rhime of the-Time-Lost Maniner

The buff lasts for 15mins while the item has a 2hr CD and no limitation on where you can use it.

Edit: In the latest PTR build, the item no longer affects your mounts.

Also, the ship now has a knockback if you’re in melee range which I noticed when trying to loot the ship.

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