Hozen Beach Ball

The Hozen Beach Ball drops from Ik-Ik the Nimble in the Dread Wastes. Using it transforms your armour into a beach outfit and your weapon into a shovel.


Dripping water

beach - nippy

Seems the water was a bit nippy

beach and seaweed

That’s a lot of seaweed

beach starfish

More seashells for my collection

My only question is… where’s the beach ball?

Aqua Jewel

Aqua Jewel

This item drops from Sahn Tidehunter, one of the new Champions of Pandaria. Using it buffs you with Shimmering Water which increases swim speed by 50% and allows underwater breathing for 10min. It also gives you a watery appearance.

Aqua Jewel - blood elf

Cymre goes into Predator mode

Aqua Jewel - rocket

Rocket mount

Aqua Jewel - turtle


Aqua Jewel - poseidus


Aqua Jewel - pet

Does not extend to pets

Aqua Jewel - phoenix

Fly me to the Moon

beach costume

Wait, why am I wearing a shovel?

Things to note:

  • does not need to be worn
  • combat does not break the effect
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