Old Man Thistle

Once you’re exalted with the Tillers and best friends with every member of the Tillers Union, you can kill an Enormous Cattail Grouper for a bonus quest. Killing one in Cattail Lake will drop an Old Map which you can hand into Fish Fellreed for more info. Just what I like – another treasure hunt.

Fish suggests talking to some of the residents in Halfhill about the clues and then meeting up with her again to pinpoint the location of the treasure. It appears to be in a cave nearby.

Endless Echoes Cave entrance

Endless Echoes Cave entrance

Spiders, why did it have to be spiders?

Even with a level 90 Echoweb Toxiclaw guarding the chest, he proved no match for Cymre Jones.

Treasure found

Treasure found

The best part is you get to keep Old Man Thistle’s Treasure which contains 100G as well as one of each blue quality gem and a primal diamond. After exiting the cave (hearthing is the cheapest option as the cave is blocked soon after you enter), you take Old Man Thistle’s Almanac to Seedkeeper Shing Sing at Halfhill which earns you the achievement Ain’t Lost No More.

Ain't Lost No More

Best Friend Status

There are lots of perks when you become ‘Best Friends’ with various members of The Tillers. I previously wrote about Sho and Old Hillpaw. Today, I’m going to show you the last seven additions you can add to your farm if you reach the same level of friendship.

Tillers mailbox

Gina Mudclaw – who wouldn’t want their own mailbox?

Tina Mudclaw - Home furnashings (inc stove)

Tina Mudclaw – Home furnishings (inc stove)

Ella - Luna

Ella – Luna

Tillers Shaggy

Farmer Fung – Shaggy

Haohan Mudlcaw - Miss Fifi

Haohan Mudlcaw – Miss Fifi

Fish Fellreed - Pigs

Fish Fellreed – Pigs

Chee Chee - Farm sheep

Chee Chee – Farm sheep

Jogu the Drunk

Jogu the Drunk – free farming tips and resides in your pond if you talk to him

When you’re halfway through revered with The Tillers, a quest will pop up called Lost and Lonely. Head towards the southern fields of the Heartland and look for a small group of boulders surrounding a dog. Once you’ve completed the quest, you’ll see that he comes to live with you on your farm.

Naughty dog digging under the house

Naughty dog digging under the house

Old Hillpaw

I must be on a roll. This is the second NPC that I’ve managed to get exalted with for The Tillers. When I saw that Old Hillpaw gives you a Straw Hat as one of the perks, I knew which NPC I had to work on next as it’s the perfect addition to my farming outfit. Actually, I didn’t have one before the hat but it’s funny how things work out. :P

Being the beta, I had chucked a lot of the gear in my bags for room so I really only had what I was wearing to experiment with. I must say it looks pretty damn good for little effort :)

Straw Hat

Hillpaws Chickens

Old Hillpaw also gives you some of his chickens to liven up the place. All that’s missing is the amorous rooster…


Sho is one of ten NPCs which are part of The Tillers – the farming faction of Pandaria. If you choose to become her Best Friend (which is the highest level of friendship or reputaion), you will get a couple of perks.

Wait a minute. I’ve been thinking… you’ve done so much for me, it’s about time I gave you something back in return. Where I’m from, we grow beautiful orange trees. I planted one on your farm. From the way things grow around here, I wouldn’t be surprised if it had already bloomed by the time you get back to your farm.

Orange tree

Orange Tree from Sho

I also had something waiting for me in the mailbox.

A huge Red Cricket!

Orange tree and cricket

Just look at the size of him

Those patches of Dark Soil sure came in handy for this one. Another battle pet for the collection :)

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