Thunder no maw

Yesterday, while riding through the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, I paused by the river as something had caught my eye. In fact, it was an exotic beast I’m very familiar with on live. My spirit beast Skoll.

Little did I know when trying to get a closer look, a wolf pack had come up behind me (while my bars were hidden no less). About a minute later, I ran into these guys again for another photo-op but I also wanted to have another look at their electrifying ability…

Thundermaw pack

Thundermaw - thunder

I’m proud to say I’ve had Skoll for a long time on my Hunter but running into these guys makes me a little sad seeing how common they will soon be, especially when remembering how hard he was to tame in the first place. They also seem to be classified as a common wolf which means any hunter will be able to tame them. Even though they are a different colour – more like a medium grey, I would have liked Blizzard to save this unique skin for another rare, if anything.

Another two losing their rare status:

  • Jadefang – looks just like the shale spiders found inside a mine;
  • Skarr – a lot of green clones surround the home of the Jade Witch.
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