Not So Viscous

Not So Viscous

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been trying to collect this pet but after making countless characters on various servers, only to see it sold before I can contact the seller or generate the gold, I finally have a happy ending. I don’t do any normal or heroic raiding so to own the most sought-after raid pet (even after all this time) is fantastic.

Viscous Horror

It’s still taken quite a bit to time to accumulate a decent amount of gold but thanks to a friend he was able to buy it for me :D I just hope I can build up the rest in a relatively short amount of time.

In other news, the proposed AH mergers in WoD will be a great addition, especially for those terribly unbalanced economies.

Looking Up

Looking Up

After weeks of farming the Throne of Thunder raid, my off-hand finally dropped from the Iron Qon. I had been using a 516 staff that came from my first heroic scenario bag but I decided to use that for my shadow weapon instead. The off-hand I had at the time left a lot to be desired so going from a 476 to a 502 item was a welcome change. I also managed to get Torall, Rod of the Shattered Throne last week so it made a nice set.

Orb of Arc Lightning

Then after my experience with the Celestial Blessings scenario a week ago, I decided to go into the raid as Disc and was pleased to see myself getting back into the swing of things. For a while I was switching my focus between haste, mastery and crit because I couldn’t quite find what was right for me. As I said before, I’ve been playing a lot more shadow these days but after today, I’m feeling a bit better about the state of things.

Straight after the raid, we headed over to Ulduar with one fragment drop from FL. Cat Lady also dropped the mace I’ve been eyeing so it turned out to be a pretty special day.

Titan Mace

Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.

When GMs Are Awesome

When GMs Are Awesome

Yesterday I completed the third quarter in the Throne of Thunder and was stunned when I saw the Son of Animus pop up on the screen. It wasn’t even an extra roll!!

So I took a screenshot of the event and went looking in my bag for the pet but it wasn’t there. SHIT! It did say Son of Animus, right? I was 100% sure so I went looking through my screenshot folder only to find no image of the kill shot. SHIT x2!

I’ve heard of things like this happening before with other items like the Pandaren Fishing Charm but GMs couldn’t be sure if you looted the item or not. That makes perfect sense so I was worried the same thing might happen to me, particularly since there was nothing in the chat to show for it but I decided to send in a game ticket anyway. The wait said 2.5hrs so I was going to hang around for a response before logging out. However the time didn’t change for over an hour so I decided to log out and wait for an email. Nothing came back last night so I was hopeful for a response today.

This morning I logged in to find a ticket response waiting for me. Whack a doodle! He had good news. Game Master Elebanifset described himself as a “beast when it comes to finding lost stuff” and he was right. After a bit of digging, he found my requested item which was waiting for me in the mail.

I’m so glad there was some sort of record of the loot as I didn’t see it in the chat after the kill. So a special thank you to the GM who helped me in this matter. Especially when the drop rate appears so low but it’s still early days so the drop rate should improve once more people upload their kill data.

Son of Animus
Son of Animus

Then to top off the run in Sunwell this week, guess what dropped again…

Thori'dal, the Star' Fury

One day, I’ll collect it on my hunter.

At least we helped someone get it once before. Sadly, neither of us could use it today.

Blood and Thunder

Blood and Thunder

A while ago, Lor’themar asked us to go into the Throne of Thunder to retrieve the Remnants of the Dark Animus for a quest. This afternoon, we ventured into the Halls of Flesh-Shaping and came out victorious.

Life Blood quest

Following our success, Lorthemar rewarded us with the Glorious Standard of the Sunreaver Onslaught. It’s a shame it can’t teleport you back to the camp though like the Sunreaver Beacon.


The quest also gave us a 30min buff called the Blessing of the Animus (from the Animus Golem) so I suggested we kill a few rares to make use of the bonus. It was nice to find a few of them up and with no one else around (except for one) we found the kills a little quicker than normal and no extra bumps to the health pool in the last 10% or so (which is what happens quite often).

After that we hopped on our alts to finish our rep grinds for our Thundering Serpent Hatchlings. This took quite a while to complete due to our schedules but I was so glad to make this latest purchase today.

Thundering Serpent Hatchling

Woot! Another pet for the collection and a big thanks to Luxy for the idea. :)

This coincides with another week of Darkmoon Faire attempts meaning another chance at the Darkmoon Rabbit and Eye. Time to psych myself up again…

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