The Humanoid Cannonball

OK, this is new.

I’ve done this daily countless times before and I’ve even hoped that Blizzard would implement an achievement for when we get 10 bullseyes. Except for the times when I need about 7 tickets to complete said daily. Luckily, that doesn’t happen too often. On a positive note, I think I’d have the achievement by now so that’s something.

The Humanoid Cannonball

A few months ago, I mentioned during my Twisted Nether interview, a certain mishap that happened on my way to the targeting ring. After one attempt, I levitated myself as I made my way to shore, using the instant teleport for a quick return and paid for another go at the cannon. Things were going fine, as I drew closer to the targeting ring, I hit the button to release but I kept going… and going… and going – past the ring – and hit fatigue.

Unfortunately, hitting any of my buttons didn’t do anything. I actually thought I was going to die once my fatigue bar hit zero but a few seconds after hitting the dark section of the water, I slowly felt myself declining.


After a few more seconds, I hit the water without dying.

In the past, you may have had the bug where you get shot from the cannon, only to start falling in the direction of the trees (just before you reach the water). This has happened to me twice before.

Today, something even weirder happened.

I had hardly left the cannon when I just appeared to be hovering a few feet past the blast zone. Notice the sand pit and tigers just to my left? At first I thought I had a lag spike, until I started hearing the 5sec countdown. Uh oh, Houston, I think we have a problem and I’m not in Kansas any more.

I ended up hitting the pile of cannonballs right next to the cannon. Talk about a painful landing… don’t get me started on those. Let’s just say my body part in question is now green.

Has this happened to anyone else out there or am I just unlucky?

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