Darkmoon Rabbit

Darkmoon Rabbit

The Darkmoon Rabbit is here!

When I found him, he was just chilling in the cave.

Looking at him he just looks like any other cute and cuddly critter, right?


He’s a world boss with 72 million health, so he’s certainly no pushover.

In researching this post, I went to great lengths to bring you this info. This rabbit has one annoying and pretty painful ability.

He puts this debuff on anyone in melee range so if you can, try and stay at maximum range, have a large raid (he’s been killed with 40) or you’ll be looking at a lot of repair bills. He used to ignore hunter and warlock pets but this has since been fixed. Also, avoid the water line as he has been known to reset. If you die, release and run back.

However, successfully killing this creature will drop the Darkmoon Rabbit which one lucky person will win, as well as the following achievement – That Rabbit’s Dynamite! to everyone in the raid. This is something I hope to get one day on both counts, ever since I learnt about the guy on early beta :)

Proof that the fight is possible, as seen here on day one of the Faire

For those who don’t know, he’s based on a fictional beast from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

So for those of you looking to get a new pet and achievement… happy hunting!

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