Credits and Cubs

Credits and Cubs

Over the last few weeks I’ve been busy accumulating gold for the next expansion; that was until a couple of days ago when I noticed an affordable Soul-Trader Beacon in the AH. Considering the one I always see is still over 100K, I’ve been waiting patiently for the Ethereal Soul-Trader, Spectral Tiger Cub and to a lesser extent (because it’s never there) Viscous Horror to buy so when I saw one for a good deal cheaper, I took the plunge and snapped it up.

Soul-Trader summon

As a vendor, he sells a rather unusual list of items but you’ll need to start collecting Ethereal Credits before you can purchase any of his unique inventory. To start earning credits, he has to be close when you get the killing blow on any green mob or higher. This also works for PVP as long as it’s an honourable kill.

Ethereal Credit may be used to purchase:

I admit I was disappointed when I previewed the set since it doesn’t look all that close to an actual Ethereal (especially when it costs 2200 credits to buy). Even so, I’m in the process of collecting them now since I always thought they’d be a cool race to play. I’ll just have to stockpile the credits since I don’t have the room to hold the set right now.

Note that if you mass kill the mobs you won’t get a credit for each kill since the trader takes a couple of seconds to harvest each soul.

Aki mutagens

Now here are Aki’s companions with the mutagen applied. I imagine they’ll be like this until next Tuesday – unless a restart happens beforehand.

Oh and if you name your Soul-Trader, you’ll see this the next time he’s summoned:

<name> says: I have arrived. Shall we set to work, then?

Then tonight I saw another exciting (affordable) addition to the AH – the Spectral Tiger Cub. That’s two pets I don’t have to search religiously any more.

Spectral Tiger Cub

Woot! My Ultimate Wish List is shrinking slowly but surely.

Dragon Kite

With only a few TCG pets left to collect, it’s exciting to say I’m one step closer to completing the set. The Dragon Kite can appear as one of four random colours – red, blue, green, or purple. Originally released as part of the March of the Legion expansion set, I finally had enough gold to purchase one from the AH.

Dragon-Kite-green-Dragon-Kite-blue Dragon-Kite-redDragon-Kite-purple

Next came the levelling process. I started with my usual first battle in the Vale.

Dragon Kite-level

A total of six battles later, I was done.

Just watch out for those lightning strikes.

Dragon Kite-lightning

Homing Chicken

Homing Chicken

There happened to be a Dragon Kite in the BMAH tonight but I didn’t bid since the auction was more than I had to spend. It turns out the evening wasn’t a total loss when I noticed a Rocket Chicken in the Dath Alliance AH. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that much gold on that side but luckily for me, the seller was online at the time so I asked if they would be willing to sell the item on Dath Horde. As I waited for his response I was excited by his reply so we met up in the orc starting zone.

Rocket Chicken Rocket Chicken

That’s one more TCG pet out of the way which means I can mark another one off my Ultimate Wish List. Woot! No guesses for which pet I focused on levelling next :)

Rocket Chicken

OK well, bed! Tomorrow should be an even more exiting day for me where I’ll be seeing some of you tomorrow/tonight.

Slow and Steady

Slow and Steady

This is the third time I’ve entered a Tyrael’s Hilt giveaway but I had never come this close to winning before. The last one was run by WoWHead so you can imagine the number of people in the running for that one. However, I still came out with a small runner up prize which was unexpected.

So for Navi’s Moving House Giveaway, I couldn’t believe such an awesome prize was up for grabs again, especially since it’s been on my Ultimate Wish List for so long. I spent a good number of hours looking for all 16 clues but there was a bit of a mixup with my answer to the second question. It didn’t help that I was missing two of the clues so I thought the last question asked

“Five who __ __ favourite NPC in WoW”

I had picked five of the eight names (derived from the first question) and tried to figure out the favourite NPCs for the blogger names I had chosen. Funnily enough I had Navi’s favourite NPC correct which meant I would have been the first one to give her the correct two answers but since I submitted five NPC names, it didn’t count. It was only later that I realised that the second question started with ‘Who’ and not ‘Five’.

In the end I managed to come up with the second correct answer by ~1am last night. I’m told it was within half an hour of both Arv and Luxy but the draw was due to happen early this morning so with only three names in the running, there was a really good chance of winning. As these things go, I ended up coming second so a big grats to Arv for winning the Grand Prize.

I’m sure he’ll have his levelled up in a day :P

Riding Turtle

Since my name was drawn second, I won the TCG Riding Turtle from the Heroes of Azeroth Expansion leaving me three to go for Mount Parade. I did wonder if this was any different to the Sea Turtle you can fish up but it appears to be the same other than the colour. One advantage is the fact that you can ride it at any level so it’s great for twinks who can use it to cross water at a speed advantage but on land your movement speed would be the same as walking. I don’t mind though since it still counts towards my achievement.

Riding Turtle

Riding Turtle

Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle

Three to go… which will they be?

Bearly There

Bearly There

While doing my Darkspear Revolutionary chain earlier, Navi tried to invite to group so I asked her “what’s up?” At first I thought she wanted to see me as a tauren again since I changed my race back yesterday but when she was invited to group, she was phased. However, a couple of minutes later I finished my quest and could see her so she cheered and opened trade with me.

The item she placed in the trade window was accompanied by: “I am not a jc or and engineer but I wanted to help!” Surely this was in relation to a comment I made on Arv‘s blog recently.

OMG! A Big Battle Bear which is one of the TCG mounts and totally unexpected to say the least.


Doesn’t he look great on my hunter? So much so I thought I was only fitting that I change my ground mount to this menacing looking bear although I was a little curious to see how he would look on a blood elf. Short of switching to my main, I did the next best thing.


Thx so much Navi. :D

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