Master Angler Ju Lien

At the bottom of Mazu’s Outlook, you’ll find Master Angler Ju Lien on the outskirts of Soggy’s Gamble. Finding Master Anglers in Pandaria may not be that uncommon but his technique is quite surprising.

Fishing simultaneously with four poles may seem quite ambitious to the novice angler but the rack next to me gives some indication as to why he is.

Clicking on either the Serpent or Improvised rod will prompt the following result.

Two octopi jump out of the water attempting to to eat my face. Hmm, sounds like someone else I know. Maybe I should have reactivated my Mindbender talent so I could pretend I was testing the upcoming Battle system?

So if you run across this guy, beware of the aggressive octopi that may be all too eager to greet you.

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