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Hammerspine vs Blood Elf



Once upon a time, Hammerspine used to be a level 12 rare trogg located in Gol’Bolar Quarry Mine in Dun Morogh. He is said to be on a 1.5-2.5 hour respawn timer.

The first time I remember killing him with the shot above, I just happened to catch him saying his infamous phrase. Looking back at all my rare shots, this has got to be one of my more interesting ones.

On a trip to see my old nemesis Gibblewilt, I decided to see if I could get another shot with my main. It didn’t take long before he said what I was hoping for.

It appears that he only has a couple of lines to his repertoire. Either that or he has a pretty stubborn streak, as he only managed to blurt out

”It’s time to bash!”

around 10 times or so before he said the magic words. Sheesh! The things you go through just to get a good shot :P


Rare Elite – Julak-Doom


I’d seen this rare around early in the expansion, watching a group of Alliance try and take this massive beast down with a group of about 8 at the time. They had a lot of trouble with his abilities. Today I managed to spot this rare again with Coolidge on my back (literally) and I knew it would be a feat to kill him as a duo. Having experienced his abilities first hand we sent a few calls out gaining a DPS from the Guild to help. Being Christmas Day, attendance online was pretty sketchy. Our little band of three soon became four and with a couple more attempts we knew we needed 1 more to take him down. Before we knew it word had spread around and we had a small raid of seven.

Julak-Doom has three abilities:

  • Black Breath – which creates a puddle of dark ooze that deals Shadow damage to all enemies in the area and has a 60yd range.
  • Dark whispers – invade the target’s mind, forcing them to do the bidding of Julak-Doom. Removed when damaged below 90% health.
  • Massive Shockwave – has an unlimited range and stomps the ground, emitting a massive shockwave that deals Physical damage to targets in a cone in front of the caster and knocks them down.

That’s where the extra numbers are needed. It was hard enough when one of us was MC’ed but in a group of three, two will get MC’ed instead. So with our last attempt with seven, the fight proved to be a non-issue and was over in ~4 minutes.

Four down, one group rare to go. Xariona, I’m coming for you next.

Vitreous Beak of Julak-Doom – Caster dagger
Morrie’s Waywalker Wrap – BOE leather chest piece
Design: Fine Hessonite (sadly I didn’t win the unknown recipe)

Snarlflare (after)

Silver Dragons


I’ve been collecting rares in the game for as long as I can remember. It all began with a shot of Rak’shiri in Winterspring. I can’t quite remember why I asked Huga to take a shot of him. I think I was wanting to tame him as a pet at the time and thought it would be cool to start a collection of all the rares in the game.

This has to be one of my all-time favourite rare shots

Divine Aegis, FTW!

I always try to get a great action shot, hopefully while they are displaying what is unique about themselves whether it be a spell or whatnot. This quite often involved Coolidge getting smacked around by something while I stood back and got that perfect shot.

If only you could tame one of these as a hunter

Navimie and I even shared a collection at one time, but over the years and several computers later, I’ve had to rebuild my collection. That’s why you’ll find a pretty varied collection in the quality of shots and dimensions over the years.

Some rares have even changed in Cata. One that comes to mind is Snarlflare, a whelp I found in Redridge Mountains years ago. However, after patch 4.0.6, he’s all grown up and a full-sized black drake found on the other side of Lake Everstill.

I have a good number of them already but with new ones being added all the time, I’m not sure how many I would have in total. Most are from a Horde perspective; however, some are from an Alliance POV, when I’ve been on one of my alts.


Something about this creature seems familiar

Now you see him, now you dont…

390 rares and counting…

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