Winter Veil Wishlist

I just missed out on this by a hair so last week’s Shared Topic comes to us from Noahdear:

Winter Veil is around the corner and it’s time to sit upon Greatfather Winter’s lap and answer the important question, “What do you want for Winter Veil?” Is it that expensive grand expedition yak? a nice transmog custom outfit? or a Red Ryder carbine-action, two hundred shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock?

What is on your Winter Veil wishlist?

Funnily enough, I had started this post a few days ago as I wanted to see how my list differed from my previous one written earlier in the year. I’m happy to report that I can mark one of those off my list. :)

There have always been a number of items I’d love to have in-game, although some are more possible than others. A few I’ve even written about like the NPC of my character but in more of a Lara Croft type feel than an Indiana Jones or Tyrande one. Completing my Val’anyr will be one of those things that require time, patience and a lot of luck.

A few pets also rank high on that list with the Collector’s Edition companion pets from vanilla and BC. But the Ethereal Soul-Trader, Lil’ Tarecgosa and Tyrael’s Hilt have all been on that wish list as well. The Onyx Panther will be made one day (most likely at the end of the expansion).

However, I couldn’t finish this list without adding the three spirit pets I’ve been religiously trying to collect each day. If only I listened to my own recommendation and picked the Thundering pet as my reward that first day. Each time I fail, the drive to beat him becomes even stronger so I’ve been known to stay there for a while on some days. If only the amount of attempts (in consecutive battle moves) gave us a higher chance of getting the pet from the reward bag. I’ve had so many long battles with him that I would surely have the pet by now.

Although the Darkmoon Eye will have to wait until next month, I’m comforted by the fact that Jeremy’s team is a lot easier to defeat. Lastly, the remaining ones from the classic raids seem the most doable right now – if not for their elusive drops.

Hmm, I sensing a theme here… I may have a pet fetish. (Like you didn’t know that already…)

No matter, here’s to marking as many of these off my list.

Three Must Haves

This week, Mataoka came up with the following Shared Topic:

With the new patch, and all the new things coming, what are three things that you will absolutely not leave behind? Consider these three objects your virtual backpack- the twist is, a tiny story to go along with each item.

There was a bit of similarity between this ST and one I did a while ago but after giving it some thought, I realised that I had a different take on the subject so here we go.

In no particular order, I’m going to cheat a bit and say my entire collection from my Armed and Dangerous collection since it took a lot of effort to complete – the last two coming from AQ40. However, if I had to choose one, my favourite would be Alanna’s Embrace since it’s the one I normally think of when I need a change.

Alanna's Embrace

I’ve had my jewelled fishing pole a long time now. It was the one I hoped to get out of all the rod designs and I’m so glad I did. I mean who doesn’t like a bit of bling when she’s fishing or just out on the town in her best transmog set? Even with the lack of requirements to fishing, I’ll still keep the rod around.

Salty Cymre

There are so many items in Ulduar that I love but out the few pieces I own, this off-hand goes hand-in-hand with one of my other loves – Astronomy and one of the star pieces for my stargazing outfit (when I get around to completing one).

Oracle and red

Why I Play The Beta

I wasn’t planning on doing this week’s Shard Topic as it’s obvious that I’ve been playing if you look at the majority of my posts over the last four months.

Are you playing the MoP Beta? Why or why not? How much time are you spending there vs. the “live” servers.

Suggested by Frinka.

When I first heard about Pandaria, I admit I was very excited by the whole Asian theme but this is coming from a Western mentality living in Australia for all of my life. When you look at the recent loss of subscribers, you only have to look at their geographical location to see that I wouldn’t hold my breath for those subscribers coming back any time soon.

Logging into the beta for the first time, I was excited by all the lush landscapes, the new races and yes I did quest, at least through the first zone. Certain places were buggy and you would get a free auto-hearth back to the starting zone if you ventured into an area which was closed. But all-in-all, this was happening amidst all the Guild drama that was happening at the time so it was the perfect escape for me – albeit a few days late.

The responsibilities of a beta tester I take quite seriously. I want to be able to test the content since that’s our primary directive but I also didn’t want to get burnt out by the quests and storylines, so the quests leading into the next area in the Valley of the Four Winds, I kind of left alone after the first day. I am quite excited about the farming stuff and all the new cooking dailies, etc. but I will take that as it comes on live.

As you know, I’ve also been doing a lot of Pet Battles, documenting the system itself, initial quests, pet trainer chains and even the Wild Pets for each zone. The Wild Pet series is by far the most popular for those who don’t necessarily want to be spoilt by beta content but as one reader said, it helps them plan come live.

I’ve also had fun searching for and killing some of the new Champions in the zones. I look forward to when they add the vanity items back, whether it be on the beta or not.

I do like to know ‘what’s what’ in some respect, like gaining access to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, just to make things faster in the long run. I haven’t done an extensive amount of testing with my talents but I have enjoyed some of the new changes in Disc and Shadow. All the dungeons I tried (the first four) are all very short, a number of bosses with hardly any trash. Which is why I’m not level 90 yet, although that may change soon. Flying will be nice for a start :)

Some people have stated how much they enjoy my beta posts whether it be on Twitter, facebook or the blog itself. I do love to share what I find but quite often it’s so I can look back over the information myself – a reference of sorts – as it helps me out as well as you guys. I’m just glad to be able to make the journey with you all come live.

By the way, I may be deleting all my Image Galleries of Pandaria when the beta is kaput so if you haven’t checked them out yet, do so before they’re gone. That should at least free up some of the space I’ll be needing for future posts.


This week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic comes to us from Dragonray who asks:

Are you starstruck by anyone? Does someone in the community respond to a post or a tweet and get you all speechless because they actually responded? Is there anyone you are waiting to have respond directly to you? Is there someone that you would like to chat to, but are too chicken? Am I the only one who puts other bloggers on a pedestal?

In a word – yes!

When I first started blogging, there were quite a few names I followed on Twitter who actually followed me back like Matticus and Healbot. I was even more surprised when Matticus even commented on one of my Priest posts one day.

Other big names like Cynwise and Rades, who have not only followed and conversed with me on Twitter, have also taken the time to comment on my Blog. That to me is an even bigger achievement. If only there were blogging achievements, I would be so excited :P It was nice to hear that Cyn liked my keen fashion sense (I seem to be having a Buffy the Vampire Slayer flashback) – in particular my Cymre Jones outfits and other items on occasion. When Vid and Rades published my guest strip on their From Draenor with Love site, I was awed by the great plug I received in the comic description.

Derevka is another priest I’ve been following for a long time. He’s great at number crunching and he even seems to like doing it! I always thought he had a cool yet familiar name until he tweeted that he was a fan of Alias. Of course… one of the more likeable baddies in the show. Disc Priests and Alias. Two very cool things to have in common. I’ve even been known to leave a couple of comments on his site…

I’m always humbled when I see my blog listed on other blogrolls. It’s also exciting when I get traffic from a new source or see my link when I’m visiting someone new or have admired for a long time. In fact, today I saw some traffic from a new site in Russian. I couldn’t help but paste the blurb into Google translator so I could see what they thought.

Автор блога специализируется на интересных картинках. Именно их он и пытается воплотить в конкретных наборах вещей. Помимо бессмысленных для наших нужд Бэтменов и Суперменов, там есть и неплохие идеи.


Author of the blog specializes in interesting pictures. It was their he tries to translate into specific sets of things. In addition to the senseless for our needs Batman and Superman, there’s a good idea.

Translator seems a bit off as well as the gender but otherwise it sounded like a nice comment.

Recently, WoWInsider linked to one of my posts. In terms of traffic, that was by far the pinnacle of my hits for the day. Hopefully the first of more to come :P

I still remember the time Beru sent me an email saying she would like to feature me on their Welcome Wagon post. I wasn’t sure what that was at the time but luckily she linked a few examples so I could get an idea. I was so new to the blogging thing that I was amazed that I had already made an impact and that Bloggers I admire, like Beru, even knew who I was. I always thought it was a bit funny how she linked my Flavours of WoW post as the homepage a couple of times. To me, that was one of my more embarrassing and silly posts but for those who like doing the ST’s it’s going to be an upcoming one in August :P

A few months later, I received an email from Hydra, asking if I would be interested in being a guest on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. That was even more amazing as I wasn’t a big name but maybe they had all been on before /shrug. I admit, lately I’ve been listening to it more and more, as I’m recognising more of the names on the show and consider a fair few of them my blogging friends.

I was surprised one night when Keelhaul tweeted that he liked one of my ‘Mog Me’ Mixes on twitter, I was even more surprised when he actually started following me! Times like that I wish you could freeze frame the moment and have the comment magically appear on your blog :P

As a blogging nooblet, they were my top ones but there have been countless others. I still get a kick when someone I actually know (or met in RL) makes a comment on my blog – besides Navi and Cool as they are my regular RL supporters :)

But to anyone who’s stopped by to say Hi or mentioned me in their Starstruck posts, I thank you :D

Nice Gestures and Kindness

This week’s Shared Topic comes to us from Frika who asks:

What is the nicest thing another player has ever done for you in-game?

Without a doubt the first thing that comes to mind is around the time I had just met Coolidge in-game. Back then, he was playing his druid, Hugadarn who had a wolf mount. I didn’t even know this was possible at the time. I wrote about this experience during the last Thanksgiving event. I would come home from work each day and have stacks of runecloth sitting in my mail ready for trade-ins.

It was such a nice gesture from someone I was just getting to know as I really don’t know how much longer it would have taken me without his help. I ended up buying the really cheap stacks in the AH as there was only so much farming I could do every night but I was so ecstatic when I finally managed to buy my timber wolf that I insisted that Hugadarn and I go on a road trip – back to where it all started – Tyr’s Hand.

Wolf mounts

In truth, Coolidge has helped me with a lot of things over the years. He even gave me the hilt from the ICC dungeons so I could get my mace at the time. Unfortunately, even the nicest gestures don’t always go according to plan…

Back in Nagrand, I was trying to surprise Coolidge’s druid with the clefthoof set and if you remember skinning those beasts back then, it wasn’t the easiest thing to farm. Night after night I would come home from work, eat dinner and log in to farm my Thick Clefthoof Leather for weeks, just to try and get enough for what I needed for two pieces. The AH was not an option since the prices were obscene and especially not for the amount I had to buy.

Often Cool would log in and ask why why I was killing clefthoofs for so long and I just answered that I needed the leather. He would respond “you could kill other stuff for the leather” but I just stated that I needed the clefthoof leather for ‘something’. It also didn’t help that when he came to help me I would miraculously get a much higher percentage of thick clefthoof.

As with other bloggers, there have been many nice gestures towards me in-game. A lot of these are from those who no longer play.

Many people know that I love the in-game pets and I’ve worked very hard at my collection, including the ones I can thank Cool for. Navi even surprised me with a pet once. Jko was an old guildie who had the best luck in farming pets. A few years ago, I was farming the Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw) from the Bloodsail pirates when he told me that he managed to get one for another friend of his within 15mins of farming, so he offered to farm one for me too. Literally within a couple of minutes he whispered me that he had one. Of course my response was ‘!!!” or something along those lines.

However, sometimes one of the nicest things can be a comment in chat, mumble or even a video message. I will always remember one particular comment to an old raid video back in Kara. Cybel was our designated raider who recorded all our raid hijinks back then. I was particularly proud of our first kill for Netherspite as it was a strategy I had suggested but not only did we get that first kill, it was how it played out during the video.

The fight had not been going for that long when the other healer (a holy priest) had died so I was left solo healing as Disc. Past the halfway mark, I was spitting mana so asked our shaman to try and spot heal. To be honest I don’t remember him doing much at the time but I was desperate to get the kill, which we did!

My big “Aww” moment came during the playback when the other priest had just died. Suddenly I read:

One healer down. One healer left. Don’t worry, it’s Cymre.

Unfortunately, the video no longer exists but lines like that can really make your day. Although thinking about it now, it’s been more like four years and I think it’s something I’ll always remember. Just like all the other gestures in-game and on this blog that have meant the world to me.

So in a word – Thanks! :)

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