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Arabian Mercurial

Arabian Nights


A few months ago, I was looking through MogIt when I came across the heroic version of Robes of the Burning Acolyte. Ironically, it was one of the first sets I designed for Jstmel’s ROYGBIV challenge but having one last Princess Leia dress to mog, I decided not to use it.

T11 priest

The Mercurial Vestments are still one of my favourite priest sets acquired from a combination of Blackwing Descent, Bastion of Twilight, Throne of the Four Winds and Baradin Hold drops. However, those championship belts always bugged me so I would definitely opt for a more seamless looking waist and weapon combo these days.

Initially, I planned to use another dress with the Incanter’s Cowl but with the tassel-like design, a clear theme was forming.

Arabian Mercurial

Arabian Princess
Incanter’s Cowl, Vindicator Shoulderpads, Robes of the Burning Acolyte, Gloves of Meditation, Cord of Patronizing Practitioner, Xintor’s Expeditionary Boots, Bloodsipper, Battle Tome

Personally, I’d love to see the dagger from Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time added to the game. Maybe as a rare discovery through Archaeology to make it even more elusive. Now that would be something right up my alley.

roygbiv pink

Pretty in Pink


With a choice of indigo or violet as the basis of my last ROYGBIV submission, this hot little number was the final dress to mog in my own personal challenge. At first I was going to try something different using my mage for a change but when I saw this mace, it was no longer an option. It turned out to be a lot more purple than I anticipated but as a whole, I think it worked out quite well.

roygbiv pink

Hallowed CrownHallowed Pauldrons, Vestments of the Shifting Sands, Handguards of Defiled Worlds, Cord of the Slain Champion, Darkweave Breeches, Sandals of Arcane Fury, Stinger of Ayamiss, Malevolent Gladiator’s Reprieve


Egypt ROYGBIV by Chael

Indigo – Iah (god of the moon, Egypt’s first moon god)
Violet – Isis (goddess of magic and life)

This challenge turned out to be a lot of fun so thanks to Jstmel for such a unique idea.


True Blue


Following my personal challenge of only using the armed and dangerous series for Jstmel’s ROYGBIV challenge, here’s my submission for June. The Robes of the Guardian Saint would ordinarily be my first choice for blue but since I’ve created a kit for that and the Mooncloth Robe already, I’m left with the last blue option being the Robes of the Exalted.

Egypt ROYGBIV by Chael

Hapi was the ancient god responsible for the the annual flooding of the Nile which in turn provided the Egyptians with fertile soil for their crops.


Jewel of the Nile
Hood of Ternion Glory, Robes of the Exalted, Shoulderpads of Faith, Used Bar Rag, Arachnidian Gloves, Belt of Faith, Arachnidian Footpads, Soulscribe, Cosmos

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