Rolling with the Klaxxi

I managed to get a few achievements today which could only be completed over a period of time – or so I thought. In fact, I didn’t realise you could try one without having the daily for the Golden Lotus. I figured since I’ve started doing them on my mage, I’ll be able to do the series of quests on my priest when I knew the quest would be up.

I had such a fun time rolling down the wall (otherwise known as Serpent’s Spine) the other day. It took two attempts that day to complete the run as I flew off the wall on the first attempt. Tonight I was flying around the Vale so I thought I’d check out the NPC to see if you could just try the circuit without having the daily.

Guess what, you can!

Serpent Spine

So I had another go or two, trying to get Roll Club done. It took a few tries as I flew off the wall or managed to get stuck a few times. But I was a bit perplexed when I saw I had the achievement done a couple of times without the achievement coming up. On one attempt, I had two seconds left but nothing happened so I thought I’d try it again to see if the same thing happened. My best attempt had about five or seven secs left on the clock so I knew I should have it.

Roll Club

and I did

Yesterday, I became exalted with The Klaxxi but there was one buff I was missing for Stay Klaxxi. I read that you can get it once you become exalted so I wanted to do it today doing the minimum number of dailies to qualify.

Slay Klaxxi

Tonight I was determined to finish my pet battle achievement to level one of each type to 25. I was short two with a magic and undead.

All Pets Allowed

Oh and to finish off my three-for-three post, I should mention that I finished levelling my third level 90 toon today. Do you know how annoying it is trying to get to a lost and found treasure but not being able to fly? I could see where it was from the ground but it was impossible to traverse the huge roots and steep hill to get it. Luckily about an hour later, I spotted the sap at another location which I could loot.

Terrific Trio

I foresee ongoing Golden Lotus dailies on my mage and The Tillers dailies on my pali…

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