Burst of Speed

So I finally used my free boost on a character I’ve (slowly) been levelling at the Darkmoon Faire. Turns out my seven Feasel challenges and monthly round of profession quests weren’t really doing it any more. I had plans of using it on an alliance rogue or at least a leather wearer for this chestpiece but I probably wouldn’t have played her so here’s my newly boosted rogue for the guild.

Boosted rogue

Now I know why it was so painful for Tome on the Timeless Isle. On the other hand, I didn’t have my usual way of getting down from Ordon Sanctuary so I rode off the cliff – best thing was, I didn’t die! I forgot about the reduced falling damage even if I’m only wearing a boosted set of quest level greens.

Illidan-Black-Temple Thrall-Deepholm

I also spent some time with Thrall and Illidan. Maybe we can finally get that legendary achievement for The Ultimate Collection. Kind of annoying really (well, not if I can get the set and blindfold) but since Coolidge managed to loot one of the warglaives ages ago, he won’t get the achievement even though it states ‘owner’ rather than ‘wielder’.

On a more positive note, I’ll be able to open boxes for free. Time will tell if I actually level her past 90 but at least current boxes and under won’t be a problem.

Now all we need is a Monk, Warrior and Death Knight for Classy Blood Elves.


Glyph of Disguise

Yesterday I was playing around on my rogue doing a bit of questing and pick-pocketing (mainly because of the new Glyph of Disguise). Here are some of the transformations.

Goblin Pirate
Dark Iron Dwarf
Sea scavenger
Evil Dolly
Lily Landlubber

But this is definitely my favourite.

Southsea Strongarm

The day ended with a trip into the new Scholo dungeon. This one’s for Tome. The next time you’re in there, check out the paintings – their eyes follow you around. I noticed this one first but others seem to do the same thing. Is it me or does she look buggy-eyed… Hmm, might need to do another post to knock it off first spot :P

Scholo painting

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