Poseidus is a rare elite seahorse which drops the unique epic mount Reins of Poseidus.

He remains a very hard mount to own due to his long respawn rate, said to range from 72-120 hours. However, the mount itself is BoE and has been seen in the AH at ridiculous prices from time to time.


There are five spawn spots, one in Abyssal Depths and four in Shimmering Expanse.

Underlight Canyon, Abyssal Depths

Underlight Canyon, Abyssal Depths

Biel'aran Ridge, Shimmering Expanse

Biel’aran Ridge, Shimmering Expanse

Quel'Domir Gardens, Shimmering Expanse

Quel’Domir Gardens, Shimmering Expanse

Glimmerdeep Gorge, Shimmering Expanse

Glimmerdeep Gorge, Shimmering Expanse

Ruins of Thelserai Temple, Shimmering Expanse

Ruins of Thelserai Temple, Shimmering Expanse

If it wasn’t enough that I managed to get my Grey camel from Dormus late last night, I was gob smacked to see Poesidus pop up on my screen today. Before today I had never seen him, not even his corpse. My first thought was he dead or in combat with another player. When I targeted him he was at full health and coming straight for me so I quickly engaged him trying to take a few screenshots before finally killing him. For those wondering, I managed to spot him at this last location. Not surprisingly, he’s an easy kill for an 85.

Poseidus has three abilities:

  • Bubble Charge – Charge the target in a shower of bubbles, dealing Frost damage.
  • Bubblebeam – Shoot bubbles in a cone in front of the caster, dealing Frost damage.
  • Seascape – Attempt to escape from combat and regenerate health.  Damage taken will remove the heal effect.

I didn’t notice any attempt to escape on his part since I killed him so fast but his Bubblebeam can be seen in the first picture.

Poseidus Loot

In addition to 89G, this is what he dropped

Subdued Seahorses - side by side

Subdued Seahorses – side by side

Seahorse Smooch

Kissing Cousins, perhaps?

Unlike the seahorse you get in Vashj’ir, Poseidus may be used in any body of water. In addition to the 300% swimming speed (at Artisan Riding skill), it offers something different to the Sea Turtle fished up from the Northrend fishing pools.

That’s two rare mounts in 12 hours!!

I seem to be having the same type of luck as Roshii today :D

Hmm, I wonder if Aeonaxx or Time Lost are up or should I just buy a lottery ticket?

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