There comes a time in every expansion when people get burnt out from the game or stop playing for one reason or another. A lot of guilds seem to be taking a leave of absence from raiding at this stage of the x-pac. This is nothing new, it’s happened ever since I can remember, especially this late in the expansion. Over the last few months, countless Guilds and bloggers I follow have written about this. Vidyala wrote about it a...

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Looking for Guildies

Looking for more… Recruiting… Mature, dedicated, reliable… they are a lot of the words I have been using lately. As the Guild Leader of MischiefUs, we have had a lot of obstacles over the last few months. We only decided to rebuild our Guild in August of this year. It was a decision we didn’t take lightly coming from a small Guild mentality. We previously did the 10’s Guild thing on Khadgar our previous...

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