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Anatomical Dummy


One of the rare Mogu artifacts which converts to an Anatomical Dummy when completed. The item is only useable in Pandaria with a 1hr CD.

Use: Summon an Anatomical Dummy at target location for 5min.  The punching bag acts as a target dummy while it persists.

Anatomical Dummy

He makes some rather interesting emotes when you use him as a target dummy :)

Ow. That really hurts. Not.

That doesn’t even tickle.

Bring it on, jerk.

You’re not very good at this torture thing.

Is that supposed to hurt?

You want a piece of me?

Oooh. Mr Mean Mogu.

I’m so scared.

I had a dig in the Valley of the Four Winds yesterday, in a spot I knew one of the new Champions spawn, although I hadn’t seen it yet. I thought it would be quite funny if it spawned just as I was digging. Guess what, it did!

So I thought I’d take a pic for my collection and let someone else kill it. But then I thought, what the hell and attacked it. As usual, he didn’t drop anything other than a piece of armour so I continued digging and about a minute later, I finished my latest rare artifact.

I thought it only natural that I place him on the spot the rare spawned :P


Umbrella of Chi-Ji


I was all set to get my last three bubbles working on my Archaeology but that took a while so I ended up doing a few short quests as well. My current Pandaren artifact was the rare item – the Umbrella of Chi-Ji so I was looking forward to completing it; especially when the icon looks like an unbrella but I thought it would just be a vanity item. I was excited to find that it was actually a pretty nice off-hand :)

Umbrella of Chi-Ji-water

Isn’t it lovely? Dare I say transmog worthy too :)

However, I’ve noticed if you completed the item before this current build on the beta (as I did on another toon) you’re still left with the placeholder item in your bag, same with the Spear of Xuen. So if you suspect you have a rare in your journal that you’d like to see completed, wait until the model is implemented in-game.

Oh and soon after that, I managed to get Zen Master Archaeologist. Too bad there’s no title though :P

icon - Archaeology

Queen Azshara’s Dressing Gown


Queen Azshara’s Dressing Gown is a rare archaeology artifact that requires 150 skill to find and 100 Night Elf Archaeology Fragments to solve. Up to three [Highborne Scroll] keystones may be used to complete it.

Solved: That Azshara was the most beautiful of night elves is practically regarded as fact. Unfortunately, her own eye for beauty seems to have been as limited as that of many of her brethren, at least judging from the garish colors of this gown. ‘There has only ever been, only ever will be… one Azshara.

Interestingly enough, depending on whether you prefer the +10% Exp increase of the Tattered Dreadmist Robe or higher stats, the choice is yours.


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