Near Miss

Near Miss

These days, I don’t head into Kara much after collecting all the pets but since I’m travelling around the continent every day, I decided to clear all but the optional bosses to see if I had any mount and pet luck.


Apart from the wrong opera and nothing from The Curator, I headed up to the Opera Event for my usual quick and easy solo. Now it usually goes without a hitch but for some reason I was stuck in the second piece I tried to move. After several attempts to eject myself from the pawn and log myself out of the game, it actually looked like the game was frozen.

Luckily, the game dropped out about 10secs later so I logged back in to find the match still going. At first I thought I had an automatic win because the cache was sitting there but then I noticed the pieces were moving. By hopping into the King and moving him from his fiery position, I ended up only hitting King Laine twice before he keeled over and died. They must have nerfed the event again because it seems even faster now with literally minimal effort.


At least I didn’t leave empty handed.

There’s No Place Like Home

There’s No Place Like Home

Last night I managed to complete my Raiding With Leashes II achievement after the last pet I needed dropped in Tempest Keep. The hardest two for me were the Phoenix Hawk Hatchling (which I managed to acquire through a pet trade) and the Lesser Voidcaller which finally dropped after server restarts.

Now with a reward like Tito, it was hard to resist taking a few Oz shots in Westfall. In fact, I’ve wanted to do a Dorothy feature for a while now so this was the perfect time.

Westfall in Oz

I love his little animation that summons up a mini tornado (with house and cow included) although Tito ends up getting swept away as well.

In other news, I managed to get the red primal raptor from my third egg so I’m currently sitting at 190 mounts (192 on my pali). I’m not sure if I was just lucky since I heard you can get multiples of the same colour but I’m not sure if that’s over different toons under the same account or from one toon. Either way I’m glad that set is complete.

A Creepy Gift

A Creepy Gift

I logged in this afternoon and while checking some toons I had a whisper from Luxy asking if I had checked Cymre’s mail yet. Ooh, I thought. No I hadn’t. I suspected it may have been one of the new 5.3 pets but had no idea which one. When I opened my mail, I saw an imps face which confirmed my suspicion and was immediately excited since I’d been having no luck farming that one on multiple toons. Just after I collected the pet and added it to the collection, I noticed the letter accompanying the gift:

I was going to send this with a quote from the boss but everything he says is really creepy!

That made me laugh so I told her I was tempted to call the imp just that. She liked the idea so I did, later heading back to Kara to take my obligatory pic.

Although this I did not expect…

Fiendish Imp-summon

I thought it may just happen in Illhoof’s room or the first time you summon him so I tried summoning him again but this time he appeared just like a normal imp.


I tested this a bit more by resummoning him around ten more times but only saw him appear twice so it appears that it’s only a very small chance that Kil’rek will appear – complete with orange skin and blue vest.

Thx again Luxypie :D

Mr Bigglesworth

Mr Bigglesworth

I was so happy to get the Anubisath Idol yesterday that I was hoping to see the Untamed Hatchling and Chrominius to finish off the set. But after my previous runs on multiple toons, I caved and bought the last two from the AH.

Anubisath Idol

Doesn’t he look awesome?

I figured I could make this up by doing dailies, etc… eventually.



Once the achievement popped up I was anxious to see Mr Bigglesworth but was a little curious when the pet wasn’t in the journal. There was no mail icon either but I figured it might just take a bit of time to get to me. In the end, after a couple of pet battles, I used my Revive Battle Pets spell which refreshed the journal and BAM! There was my reward.


Just look at those whiskers

I’m not sure that I could think of a better reward to get for such an achievement so thx Blizzard for allowing us to solo those classic raids.

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